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    West Java Deputy Governor Accompanies the Indonesian President to Review Patimban Port Development


    SUBANG REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum welcomed and accompanied the work visit of Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Kab. Subang, Friday (11/29/19). During his working visit, the President reviewed the development of the Patimban port.

    According to Uu, if Patimban port is completed, the economy in Kab. Eardrop will rotate faster and faster. That way, he said, people's welfare would improve. Therefore, Uu hopes that Patimban port development will run smoothly.

    "Hopefully the patimban can be finished quickly because there are three benefits, it can speed up the flow of goods, avoid traffic jams, and there is economic added value in the Subang region because this is included in the concept of the Tambourine Triangle," Uu said.

    To welcome the presence of the second largest port after Tanjung Priok, Uu asked the surrounding community to continue to improve their capabilities, competencies and expertise. The goal is so that the surrounding community can become potential workers in the port of Patimban.

    "We ask the community to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities of this large project to improve their welfare. The community here must be absorbed into labor in Patimban because it must be prepared. There is still time until 2027 (construction targets are completed)," he said.

    Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo targets the construction of Patimban port to be completed in 2027.

    "We hope this will become a big port later in 2027. So it is indeed a big job so the stages are long-term," the President told the media after the review.

    According to the President, the investment needed in the first phase is approximately Rp. 29 trillion. Meanwhile, the total investment needed to be completed in 2027 reaches Rp 50 trillion.

    The total area of ??Patimban port alone as a whole reaches 654 hectares. Of these, 300 hectares will be earmarked for containers and vehicle terminals. The remaining land area will be prepared to back up the area.

    "Indeed, this will be a lot for the vehicle terminal to export cars from our automotive industry," the President said.

    "Yes, the progress is good and we hope that we will finish the first stage in June next year," he added.

    President Joko Widodo also hopes that Patimban port can increase competitiveness and support Indonesia to become a major hub of automotive production.

    "Indeed, this future direction becomes a special port for cars. Even though the others also do not have a problem, but later most of who enter here are for car exports. Because we want to be a big hub for automotive production in our region so that exports- "exports to Australia, New Zealand or ASEAN countries all depart from this port of Patimban," he said.

    After reviewing the construction of Patimban port, President Joko Widodo, West Java Deputy Governor, and Subang Regent reviewed the implementation of the Program of Fostering Prosperous Family Economy (Mekaar) by PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) in the Bintang Fantasi Hall, Pamanukan.

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