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    PLN Plant Thousands of Trees


    BANDUNG - National Tree Planting Day 2019, PT PLN (Persero) simultaneously throughout the parent unit implements tree planting, with a target of planting at least 21,000 productive trees throughout Indonesia. This momentum is a manifestation of PLN's commitment to continue to run an environmentally friendly business line, in line with one of the company's missions.

    PLN Peduli consistently continues to contribute in various programs to improve the quality of people's lives including the quality of the environment. The purpose of this program is to reduce air emissions and support climate change mitigation. PLN implements a productive tree planting program around a power plant / beach (mangrove) with the concept of community empowerment.

    To realize this program, PT PLN (Persero) West Java Distribution Main Unit took the Buana Hijau Sejahtera Foundation as the drafter and executor. The tree planting ceremony was held at Mafaza Indonesia Islamic Boarding School, Cibiuk, Limbangan, Garut Regency by involving dozens of students in the boarding school. Also attending the event, West Java PLN UID Senior Distribution Manager Hendra Slamet Riyadi, UP3 Garut PLN Fauzan Manager, West Java Provincial Forestry Service Representative, Garut Regency Environmental Service Representative and Mafaza Indonesia Islamic Boarding School Leadership.

    On the occasion of the 2019 Tree Planting Day, PLN UID West Java planned to plant at least 15,000 plants in a number of locations spread across the West Java region. In the future, the planting sites will be developed into a Plant Collection Center or Arboretum which contains a collection of production plants in the form of tropical fruit and endemic plants typical of West Java.

    Tree planting carried out by PLN UID West Java since 2018, not only planted, but also involved the concept of empowerment by cooperating with educational institutions including community communities to green barren lands that are critical for the sustainability of environmental ecosystems in a number of areas.

    West Java PLN UID Senior Manager Hendra Slamet Riyadi said in his remarks that PLN West Java UID looked at the Arboretum concept that was carried out in the tree planting program in the last two years is an environmental conservation concept that has many aspects of excellence as well as a directed and sustainable concept of refinement.

    "We hope that the support from various stakeholders can give spirit to PLN to continue working to produce monumental empowerment works and added value to the community," he said.

    The trees planted on the Tree Planting Day program this time included, durian trees, jackfruit trees, mangosteen trees, coffee, manglid trees and suren trees. Jo

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