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    Ridwan Kamil Receives the Best Central Region Governor Award at the 2019 Kadin Award


    NUSA DUA - Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) awarded the Governor / Regional Head of the Best Province of the Central Region to the Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil at the 2019 Kadin Award, Friday (11/29/19).

    The new Kadin Award was held in conjunction with the 2019 Kadin National Leadership Meeting at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, South Kuta, Bali, this is an appreciation to regional heads who helped accelerate the Indonesian economy and supported the Indonesian and regional Kadin programs.

    After the event, Ridwan Kamil said that the West Java Regional Government (Pemda) continued to collaborate with West Java Kadin in an effort to improve the industrial and trade sectors, including in rural areas, through various excellent programs.

    "We (the West Java Provincial Government) have (West Java Merchants) programs that prioritize all business opportunities in West Java to local entrepreneurs. We really want them to advance. So every governor can get investor information from outside, I always ask local partners from West Java," said Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called.

    "We also mobilize MSMEs from various fields, there is a One Product Boarding School (OPOP) of which the five best are currently in Turkey, there is also a One Village One Company (OVOC) program that also supports the village economy to advance," he added.

    Emil stressed, collegial and reciprocal relations between his party and West Java Chamber of Commerce aims to improve the economy of the people through innovation. The award he received also became evidence of good relations between the Provincial Government and West Java Kadin.

    "The point is we want local entrepreneurs to rise up. Don't (until) West Java become an invasion of entrepreneurs not from West Java. It's an obligation, so getting awards is not the goal," Emil said.

    Aside from the award of the Governor / Regional Head of the Best Central Region Province for Emil, the West Java Province also won three other awards namely the Category of Regional-Owned Enterprises Bank (BUMD) through the Bank bjb, as well as the Mayor / Best City Government Head given to the Regent of Bekasi and Kuningan .

    In total, there were four awards for West Java in the 2019 Kadin Award. Other categories were the Bank category of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), the Governor / Head of the Western Region Province, and the Governor / Head of the Eastern Region Region.

    Rapimnas Kadin 2019: Collaboration with the Government for the Boost of the National Economy Vice-President (Vice President) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Ma'ruf Amil in his speech when opening the 2019 Kadin Kadimnas stated, the government appreciated the role of Kadin in the national economy.

    As stated in the 1945 Constitution, the Vice President continued, the goal of the state is to advance and improve the welfare of the people so that Kadin as an independent organization and government partner is expected to carry out activities that are in line with the government's priority programs.

    Moreover, currently Indonesia's economic growth is facing challenges, namely the economic slowdown due to global economic uncertainty, the United States-China trade war, and geopolitical risks.

    "To overcome the economic challenges, we need the synergy of all parties including business and industry players to increase their competitiveness and healthier business certainty," said the Vice President.

    "Hopefully this year's Rapimnas activities produce recommendations that can be accepted by all parties and can be carried out together so that they contribute to the Indonesian national economy," he hoped.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rosan P. Roeslani said that he was committed to pushing the realization of Indonesia's ideals of becoming a developed country by 2045.

    At the last Rapimnas in the 2015-2020 Kadin management era which was attended by approximately 1,000 participants, Rosan also hoped that these activities could benefit the Kadin organization and the community.

    "Synergy and collaboration between the business world and the government is an absolute thing that must be done to respond to the world economic slowdown," Rosan said in his remarks.

    "We must be diligent in making breakthroughs and policies that can raise the Indonesian economy in a quality, sustainable, and just manner."

    "We have to believe (that) 2030 (seventh) economic power in Indonesia is number seven in the world and 2045 (become) fourth power in the world. That can be achieved by all of us synergizing, collaborating, and having the same vision and mission," he said.

    Also present at the 2019 Kadin National Rapimnas were Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto, RI Minister for State Enterprises Erick Thohir, Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament Puan Maharani, Chair of DPD RI La Nyalla Mattalitti, and Bali Governor I Wayan Koster.

    The following recipients of awards in the 2019 Kadin Award:
    Category of State Owned Enterprise (BUMN) Bank
    Bank BRI
    Bank BNI
    Mandiri Bank

    Category of Regional-owned Bank (BUMD)
    Bank BJB
    DKI Bank
    Sulselbar Bank
    Bank of Bali
    Maluku Malut Bank

    Regional Head of Western Region Province
    Governor of Bengkulu
    Governor of Aceh
    Governor of West Sumatra

    Regional Head of Central Region Province
    Governor of West Java
    Governor of DKI Jakarta
    The Governor of Yogyakarta
    Governor of East Java

    Head of the Eastern Province Region
    Governor of Maluku
    Governor of Bali
    Governor of North Sulawesi
    Governor of South Sulawesi
    Governor of Central Sulawesi
    Governor of Papua

    Mayor / Head of the Best City Government
    Mayor of Surakarta
    Mayor of Semarang
    Regent of Kuningan
    Regent of Bekasi
    Mayor of Makassar
    Mayor of Kediri.

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