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    West Java PKK Driving Force Deputy Chairperson Said Women Have Important Role in Development


    INDRAMAYU REGENCY- Women contribute greatly to the development of West Java. It cannot be separated from the role of women as the center of life in the family and community.

    As stated by Deputy Chairperson of the PKK Province of West Java TP Lina Marlina Ruzhan while attending the Final Verification of the Program for the Improvement of the Role of Women Towards Prosperous Healthy Families (P2WKSS) at the West Java Provincial Level in Tanjungsari Village, Kab. Indramayu, Thursday (11/28/19).

    "Incredibly these women will not be extraordinary without the support of extraordinary husbands. There will also be no great and successful men without the support of great women," Lina said.

    According to Lina, the P2WKSS program can expand knowledge and hone the abilities of West Java women. Moreover, the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province has launched the Sekoper Cinta (School of Women Achieve Dreams and Aspirations) program.

    "Hopefully this champion woman (Sekoper Cinta student) becomes a leader, a good example for other women who have not become a Sekoper Cinta student," he said.

    "When P2WKSS was carried out here, I was sure a change had taken place. From the unclean to the clean, the unorganized became increasingly organized. This is P2WKSS in West Java Province, especially in Indramayu Regency," he added.

    Meanwhile, Regional Assistant II Kab. Indramayu Maman Kostama said that the final verification was an effort to measure the development, progress, independence, and sustainability of development, and community welfare, after P2WKSS was launched.

    "Tanjungsari Village, which currently represents Indramayu Regency as a representative to take part in the P2WKSS evaluation, has one of the proud icons in the field of agriculture. Because one of the villages is considered a palawija agricultural area," he said.

    In addition, the final verification of P2WKSS aims to accelerate community development, increase activity and creativity of village officials, and improve village financial management.

    One resident who is also a student of Sekoper Cinta, Sri, said that the program launched by the West Java Provincial Government was able to increase women's creativity. He also claimed to have known how to do entrepreneurship well.

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