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    Defeating West Java, NTT Passes To Semifinal


    BANDUNG- The East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) team qualified for the semifinal round of the Futsal branch after defeating the West Java host team at the VIII National Boarding School (Pospenas) Sports Week 2019, through penalties after during the match the two teams shared the numbers 2-2 .

    In the match that took place today, Thursday (11/28) at the Futsal Field, Queens Futsal Katamso Bandung, both teams immediately put pressure on the opposing team's defense, since the first round whistle sounded.

    Entering the 18th minute, the NTT team was able to take advantage of the negligence of the West Java team that was more focused on attacking, so that the kick from Nurman Yusuf Mansur who immediately led to the goal failed to be caught by the West Java goalkeeper. And a score of 1-0 for NTT was able to last until the first half ended.

    In the second half, both teams still maintain the rhythm of the match so that buying and selling attacks from both teams continue to occur. But in this second half the Jabar team was more dominant in attacking the NTT team.

    The result in the 24th minute, Adryan Chandra from West Java was able to break into the NTT goal guarded by Fade AL Ghazaly Massa and the score changed to a 1-1 draw.

    After being able to equalize 1-1, the West Java team continued to press the NTT team's defense and the result in the 32nd minute the West Java team was again able to break into the NTT goal thanks to Muhammad Hanif Maulana's strike after failing to hold back the speed of the ball sliding into the goal.

    But the West Java team's victory that had been in plain sight, vanished after the NTT team player Ardiansyah Syamsudin was able to score against the West Java team on 35 minutes, as a result of the ignorance of the West Java players. And this score lasted until the referee blew the long whistle sign of the end of the second half.

    To determine the winner in this match, finally both teams must make penalties. Of the 3 NTT kickers managed to hit 2 goals against the West Java team, while none of the West Java team was able to put a goal into the NTT goal. With a score of 2-0 the 3rd kicker \from both teams did not kick because the victory was in the hands of the NTT team. (Parno)

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