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    Anugerah Jabar Hegar 2019: Efforts to Raise the Importance of Housing and Settlement Champion for the Community


    BANDUNG - Department of Housing and Settlements (Disperkim) of West Java Province (West Java) held the Jabar Hegar Award 2019 at the Horizon Hotel in Bandung on Wednesday (11/27/19) evening hrs.

    At the peak of the award, West Java Disperkim gave appreciation to the relevant offices in the district / city that has managed housing and settlements properly.

    "Housing and settlements become compulsory basic services in accordance with Law No. 23/2014 local government because it relates to the lives of many people," said Head of West Java Disperkim Dicky Saromi when opening the event.

    "(Anugerah Jabar Hegar) is the first time, the aim of giving awards to those who carry out innovation and collaboration in development," he added.

    Dicky also emphasized that housing and settlements that are not well managed can cause various problems, for example stunting on children which can be caused by the lack of availability of clean water to other diseases that arise due to dirty environment.

    "So the aim (Disperkim), housing is not to damage the environment. For districts / cities that can be rewarded with their breakthroughs, we appreciate that work (managing) is not easy," said Dicky.

    The West Java Hegar Award is an evaluation event in the form of appreciation for the achievement of government performance in each district / city, in order to realize housing and residential areas for livable and productive communities, both in villages and cities in West Java.

    There are four categories of awards with assessment indicators including technical planning, programs, institutions, local regulations, law enforcement commitments, provision of information systems, to funding allocations.

    Separately, West Java Disperkim Secretary Agus Hendrarto meanwhile said, Anugerah Jabar Hegar at the same time was a reminder that housing and settlements in West Java must be habitable in order to create a champion and inner community.

    "West Java must be fresh, a decent representation of housing and settlements means beautiful, clean, comfortable, from basic infrastructure from drinking water, solid waste, drainage, to sanitation," Agus said.

    "For this year, the assessment emphasizes more on administrative matters because as a preliminary assessment and as a mapping of the existing conditions of housing and settlements in West Java, in the future there will be more assessment of innovation and collaboration in housing and settlement management, as well as how to foster housing communities and settlements, "he added.

    Through the West Java Hegar Award, Agus said the West Java Disperkim tried to foster and provide input from the technical planning side. "So that the regency / city is bound to the direction it wants to achieve to carry out a program of activities concerning housing and settlements," he said.

    "Those who have received awards, hopefully can be more consistent in managing housing and settlements. The hope is to trigger other regencies / cities in order to increase the urgency of the housing and settlement program," Agus concluded.

    Jabar Hegar Award 2019 itself was followed by 13 districts / cities in West Java. The process of evaluating the requirements document of the participants was carried out by practitioners, experts, academics, and related associations. The winner and two other best participants in each category received certificates and coaching money.

    Here is the list of winners of the 2019 Hegar Jabar Award:

    Best Sanitation, Drinking Water and Waste Management
    1. Department of Public Housing, Residential Areas, and Land District. Bandung
    2. Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning District. Brass
    3. Department of Housing and Settlement, Land, and Landscaping of Bandung City

    Best Housing Management
    1. Department of Public Housing, Residential Areas, and Land District. Bandung
    2. Department of Housing and Settlements District. West Bandung
    3. Department of Housing and Settlement, Land, and Landscaping of Bandung City

    Best Management / Structuring of Slum Areas
    1. Department of Housing and Settlement, Land and Landscaping of Bandung City
    2. Department of Public Housing and Settlement Areas Cirebon City
    3. Department of Public Housing, Settlement Areas, and Land District. Bandung

    Best Beneficiary Group (KPM) (Local Sanitation Management)
    1. KPP Forward Together with the City of Bogor
    2. KPP Nurul Ikhlas City of Bogor
    3. KPP Safe Current of the City of Bogor.

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