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    Hadang, a Traditional Game Contested at Pospenas


    BANDUNG - Hadang's son and daughter team from West Java returned to the group stage at Pospenas 2019 art number at GOR Arcmanik, Bandung, Wednesday (11/27).

    In the match between the Hadang West Java women's team against the Riau Islands ended with a score of 119 for West Java and zero for the Riau Islands. While the West Java men's team competed against Lampung, and again the West Java Hadang team won a landslide victory with a score of 142 and Lampung Zero.

    The Hadang game is one of the traditional branches that is contested at the Sports and Arts Week between Islamic Boarding Schools (POSPENAS). Hadang game has many names. Some people in the Java area are more familiar with Gobak Sodor, in Jakarta it is called Galah Asin, Makassar is known as Main Foreign and or in other areas it has its own name.

    The entry of the game Hadang in Pospenas to re-preserve traditional or folk games. Although in the form of a game, but the sport elements inherent in it. Played as a team, to win the match requires physical strength, agility and speed and fighting spirit.

    Hadang games are played in teams with a total of 8 team members consisting of 5 core players and 3 reserves. Jo

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