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    West Java PKK Increases Cadre Cohesiveness through Jamborees


    SUBANG REGENCy- Chairperson of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team Atalia Ridwan Kamil said, PKK as a government partner needs to be encouraged so that it becomes stronger and more passionate in carrying out its duties.

    One way is by PKK Jamboree activities that are routinely carried out every year to improve the capacity of PKK cadres.

    Because as a government partner, PKK cadres from 27 districts / cities have the task to carry out simple mobilization and data related records and so forth in the development process.

    "The institution needs to be encouraged and supported so that the collaboration is more solid, the cooperation will be stronger. So we really need to consolidate and coordinate," Atalia said after attending the PKK Cadre Jamboree at Sari Ater Hotel & Resort, Subang Regency, Wednesday (27 / 11/19).

    West Java Provincial Level PKK Cadre Jamboree in 2019 with the theme 'Through the PKK Cadre Jamboree We Improve the Quality of Management Performance and Implementation of 10 PKK Main Programs' which were followed by cadres throughout West Java, continued Atalia, also became a momentum to strengthen friendship while building networks related to PKK program for each city / district.

    In addition, this activity can also strengthen the determination and spirit of devotion as PKK cadres. "Today we gathered, there were representatives from each city / district so there were around 200 people present," said Atalia.

    Atalia hopes that the PKK Jamboree activity can also be used as a means to discuss, build cooperation, and find solutions for the problems faced by TP PKK at the city / district, sub-district and village level.

    In the Jamboree series this time, Atalia was accompanied by the Deputy Chairperson of the West Java Province PKP Lina Lina Marlina Ruzhan along with PKK cadres also conducted a team building in the form of compactness testing games and playing water together.

    "So we were both a team building but while communicating, consolidating, in the form of a game," said Atalia.

    "The hope, West Java PKK more compact and more enthusiastic," he concluded

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