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    Deputy Governor Uu Appreciates UMMA Digital Da'wah Platform


    BANDUNG - To prepare the capability of ulama in West Java to preach through the digital platform application based on the Indonesian umma Muslim community in collaboration with the Provincial Government of West Java to hold a Digital Da'wah Workshop for West Java Ulemas' at the Grand Asrilia Hotel, Bandung City, Tuesday (11/26 / 2019).

    As many as 90 scholars from West Java participated in this activity. They come from various regions throughout West Java and will get some training on how to preach on social media from professionals engaged in the digital field.

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Ummah, Indra Wiralaksmana said, the development of the digital era had a very significant impact on human life. The digital age has penetrated almost all walks of life and even changed the daily lifestyle both in terms of economic, political, and social. Starting from small children to adults take advantage of technological advances.

    Indra said, the impact of the development of the increasingly advanced digital era caused information flow to spread more rapidly. So that it can be easily accessed by anyone even through the palm of your hand.

    "The increasing growth of internet users is a great potential for the Islamic world, especially in Indonesia to spread digital propaganda content both through channels such as YouTube, live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podcasts, and so on," Indra said in opening speech of the Digital Da'wah Workshop for West Java Ulemas' at the Grand Asrilia Hotel, Bandung, Tuesday (11/26/2019).

    As a Muslim community based application, Indra continued, umma helped color the development of digital propaganda in Indonesia. With a total of five million downloaders and 340 thousand active users until November 2019, umma seeks to become a forum for the Islamic community and also the clerics to spread propaganda in the form of videos, articles or podcasts.

    "Umma welcomes the enthusiasm of the Government of West Java Province in developing a digital literacy program for scholars by holding an activity, 'Digital Da'wah Workshop for West Java Ulemas'. The aim is to prepare the capability of West Java ulama to preach through digital platforms," ??Indra said.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Rushanul Ulum said religious digital innovation had to be carried out amid increasingly widespread social media users.

    "Da'wah through social media can not be avoided anymore. It's time the bad view of intolerant Islam which is widely spread through social media must be stopped, it certainly must be done through social media.

    "This training is important, preachers must be able to convey positive Islamic content through social media," he said. Jo

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