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    Pospenas, West Java Donates Medals from Athletic Numbers


    BANDUNG - 400 meter women's group runner from West Java Chindi Silviani occupies the first position in the Pospenas competition event which took place at SOR Arcamanik, Bandung, Tuesday (11/26). Chindi recorded the fastest time of 66.22 seconds.

    The second 400 meters women's athletic group was occupied by Liawati from Banten with a time of 68.06 seconds and the third was occupied by a runner from Central Java Elisah Lutfiana with a time of 69.32 seconds.

    In addition to holding the women's 400 meter class competition, the athletics branch of Pospenas on Wednesday also held several groups for the final party. In the women's 100 meter running event, the first winner was won by athlete from Central Java, Siti Bashiroh, second winner was Husna from Bali and third winner was Washliatul from East Java.

    100 meters men's event, runner from East Java Rahadi recorded the best time and was entitled to win a gold medal. He defeated Rizki Fadila from Bali who finished second and third in runner from Central Java, Suda Hilmi.

    For the men's 400 meter run number, Syahrul Ashfar from South Sulawesi takes first place. The second place runner from Bali, Muhammad Sulthan and third place Irfan Rumaday from West Papua. Jo

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