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    Ridwan Kamil Paid homage to teachers in elementary school


    BANDUNG CITY - "Hope for Cep Emil, I pray that I will be more advanced, physically and mentally healthy, thank you for remembering me and coming to this simple house," Nunung said.

    Nunung Nurhasanah (62) is a retired teacher. And among the thousands of students he had taught while on duty, there was the figure of Mochamad Ridwan Kamil alias Emil, Governor of West Java (West Java) for the period 2018-2023.

    Now, right at the commemoration of Teacher's Day every November 25, Emil or Cep Emil visited the teacher's house on Jalan Srimahi 3, Ancol Village, Regol District, Bandung City, to pay homage and appreciation to Mrs. Nunung.

    First, Emil told how the night before he remembered and longed to meet the figure of Mrs. Nunung who taught him in grades 4, 5 and 6 of this elementary school.

    "Mrs. Nunung was my teacher when I was in Banjarsari 3 Elementary School in Bandung. I have a lot of teachers, but for some reason the only thing that crossed my head was Mrs. Nunung, so last night I told the adjutant to find my former teacher, Ms. Nunung, thank God, I found her," Emil said. Monday (11/25/19).

    Emil also said, Mrs. Nunung had great services in her life, including being one of the success factors in Emil's career to become a leader for this province with the largest population in Indonesia.

    "Today is Teacher's Day, if we reflect on who we are today, it is because of the extraordinary role of the teacher, so my leadership today as governor is a percentage due to Mrs. Nunung's motivation," Emil said.

    While remembering elementary school when he was a student of Nunung in the early 80s, Emil also told a story about breaking the glass of the teacher's room until he was sentenced to clean the classroom for seven days. At that time, Emil was known to children who are hyperactive, naughty and difficult to manage.

    "I used to be rather naughty, hyperactive, difficult to manage, had time to break the teacher's glass and then I was sentenced to seven days for cleaning," he said.

    However, continued Emil, Mrs. Nunung at that time saw a potential in little Emil that could be developed and directed into organizational activities such as Paskibra or Scouts.

    "Mrs. Nunung is directing me so that hyperactivity is channeled to organizational activities such as Paskibra, Scouts, mass dances," Emil said.

    And, as a form of gratitude Emil for the role and services of the beloved teacher, Emil will also depart Mrs. Nunung and her husband's pilgrimage.

    "She (Mrs. Nunung) wants me to announce with her husband, hopefully praying for each other. And it turns out he likes to pray for me because he often sees on television and then remembers his mind," Emil concluded.

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