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    Improving the Quality of Life of Women Become Attention West Java Provincial Government


    SUMEDANG REGENCY- West Java Province PKK Movers Team Leader Atalia Ridwan Kamil stated that his party continues to improve the quality of life of women through the Sekoper Cinta (Women's Achieving and Dreaming Women's School) program and Ngabaso (Ngabring ka Sakola).

    According to Atalia, the two programs have been integrated with the Program to Increase the Role of Women Towards Prosperous Healthy Families (P2WKSS). He also ensured that the series of programs would have a positive impact on society, especially women.

    "Last year, the West Java Provincial Government launched several programs, including Ngabaso and Sekoper Cinta," Atalia said while attending the Final Verification of P2WKSS Program in the West Java Province in 2019 in Pangadegan Village, Kab. Sumedang, Monday (11/25/19).

    "This is a very good program because tiered is done from the center to the regions. So, P2WKSS is how women are maximally empowered through an integrated program in which there are various elements in each territory joining from the Health Office, Education Office, (mainly) DP3AKB, "he added.

    Atalia also hopes that the implementation of P2WKSS and other women's empowerment programs will be able to realize and develop a Healthy and Prosperous Family. Women are also expected to be the drivers of village community empowerment.

    "So I really appreciate that the program is implemented. The hope is that the community can truly prosper with the start of empowered women. Hopefully this program can produce healthy, empowered and happy women," he said.

    "Here I see a lot of significant changes taking place. That welfare is then formed from the community's mutual cooperation. So, it turns out that this program is able to encourage (all) to participate directly to participate," said Atalia concluded.

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