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    Governor Signs MoU of 300 Doctoral Graduates Abroad Program


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government signed a MoU of 300 Doctoral Graduates Abroad Program and the Government of Regency/City in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, on Wednesday (20/4/16).

    The MoU between the Government of West Java Province and Regency/City Government of West Java that was marked by the Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan with Acting Regent of Sumedang, Bandung Vice Mayor, Banjar Vice Mayor, Sukabumi District Secretary and Secretary of Garut Regency.

    According to the Head of the Regional Employment Agency (BKD) West Java Province, Ir.H. Sumarwan Hadisoemarto, 300 Doctoral Graduates Abroad is the Competitive Program of West Java Provincial Government in improving the quality of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the neighbourhood of West Java Provincial Government and District/City of West Java.

    "Until now there are 50 people who follow the 300 300 Doctoral Graduates Abroad program. There are already back earned a doctorate degree from abroad and some are still studying abroad. They are there who take the problem of food and health care administration. In general it is necessary for the development in West Java. They are spread across four continents, some of which are in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and China,” he said.

    Within the program, said Sumarwan, West Java Provincial Government to provide facilitation to an ASN was ready to study abroad. Then the funding, the provincial government in cooperation with LPDP and find sponsorship from countries with university enthused by ASN.

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