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    West Java Deputy Governor Asks HIPMI to Help the Government to Print New Entrepreneurs


    TASIKMALAYA CITY- Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum asked the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) to help the government print new economic actors in West Java.

    That, continued Uu, aims to present new entrepreneurs who can encourage regional economic independence.

    "So, what is needed by the community including us (West Java) provincial government, help us in improving the economy, including increasing economic actors in West Java born by HIPMI," Uu said while attending the inauguration, Branch Work Meeting (Rakercab), and Education and Training (Training) of the HIPMI Branch Board of Tasikmalaya City in the Horizon Hotel, Tasikmalaya City, Sunday (11/24/19).

    The inauguration of HIPMI in Tasikmalaya City officially named Reza Rizkichani Akbar as chairman for the next three years.

    Uu added, Tasipaya City HIPMI must also be a pioneer of entrepreneurial innovation. "Then the HIPMI management must become innovators in the field of entrepreneurship. Don't let the HIPMI management just walk without innovation, without any movement, "Uu said.

    Meanwhile, Tasikmalaya Mayor Budi Budiman hopes that there will be a breakthrough from the HIPMI of Tasikmalaya City to encourage accelerated development in Santri City.

    Budi said, his party also now has a program of printing 5,000 new entrepreneurs and focusing on physical infrastructure development and will evaluate several Regional Regulations (Perda) that hamper the investment climate.

    Elected Chairman of BPC Hipmi Tasikmalaya City Reza Rizkichani Akbar himself was determined to bring HIPMI in Tasikmalaya City to rise and be more advanced.

    "We will make the HIPMI of Tasikmalaya City a business incubation and produce young entrepreneurs who excel," Reza said.

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