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    Ridwan Kamil Hopes Bandung Film Festival to Become a World Class Event


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) in collaboration with the Bandung Film Forum again held the Bandung Film Festival (FFB) as a form of  consistency in the commitment to supporting the development of the national creative and film industries.

    At the 32nd FFB in 2019, the theme carried was 'Proud of Indonesian Films'. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also hopes to encourage FFB to compete with other film festivals in the world.

    "I fully support (FFB). We will continue to improve so that the event (FFB) every year is more lively and more quality, "said Ridwan Kamil while attending the peak night of the 32 Year Bandung Film Festival at Mason Pine Hotel, West Bandung Regency, Friday (11/22/19).

    "Maybe someday we can make this Bandung Film Festival also international. God willing, "added the governor who is familiarly called Emil.

    Not to forget, Emil also expressed his congratulations to the filmmakers who won the 2019 FFB Cup. He hoped that the consistent quality of national film could bring Indonesian films more glorious in the future.

    In addition, Emil said that the FFB was also an opportunity to strengthen the steps of West Java as a province of tourism and creative economy. "We also want this film to become a creative industry, adding to the vision of West Java as a tourism province as well as a province of creative economy," Emil said.

    As for the 32nd FFP in 2019, there were 110 national film titles, 334 television film titles, 54 television series titles, and 213 imported films included in the FFB assessment this time.

    Here is a list of the winners of the 2019 Bandung Film Festival:

    1. Praised Male Actor Film Cinema: Randy Pangalila - Kucumbu Body Beautiful

    2. Honorary Female Actor in Film Cinema: Endhita - Ambu

    3. Praised Editing Film Cinemas: Ichsan JW, Syarif Hidayat - Retired Thugs

    4. Commendable Camera Stylist for Cinema Films: Ical Tanjung - Ave Maryam

    5. Praised Music Director Film Cinema: Andhika Triyadi - Suzzanna: Breathing in the Grave

    6. Praiseworthy Artists of Film Cinemas: Oscart Firdaus - Two Blue Lines

    7. Commendable Male Film Television: Sonny Septian - I Keep a Thorn in My Marriage

    8. Praised Female Film Film Television: Henidar Amroe - The Biggest Treasure Is My Mother's Prayer

    9. Praised Screenplay Writer for Television Film: H. Imam Tantowi - Childhood Friend

    10. Praised Director of Television Film: Karsono Hadi - Cinta Bersemi Rantang returned

    11. Praised Director of Television Series: Ucik Supra - End-Time Wives

    12. Female TV series praised actor: Michelle Ziudith - I'm Not a Holy Ustadz Suddenly Soleh

    13. Outstanding Male TV Series: Rangga Azof - Love Blind
    14. Commendable Television Series - Fatih in Kampung Jawara

    15. Praised Television Films: Childhood Friends

    16. Praised Screenplay Writer for Cinema Films: Ginatri S Noer - Two Blue Lines

    17. Praised Director of Cinema Films: Ody C Harahap - Hit & Run

    18. Outstanding male actor in cinema film: Dimas Anggara - Dancing in the Rain

    19. Commendable Female Actor Cinema Films: Luna Maya - Suzzanna: Breathing in the Grave

    20. Praised Cinema Films: Two Blue Lines

    21. Honorable Imported Films: Avengers: Endgame, Bohemian Rhapsody, Us, Andhadhun, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Toy Story 4, Green Book, Mumbai Hotels, Instant Family, Parasites

    22. Life Achievement: Lenny Marlina, Khikmawan Santosa.

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