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    West Java Provincial Government Presents Pilot Project Distribution Center to Protect Inflation


    BANDUNG CITY - In collaboration with Bank Indonesia, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemda) created a West Java Provincial Distribution Center (P3DP) Pilot Project. P3DP was conceived to maintain inflation and stability in prices of basic commodities.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, his side kept trying to maintain regional inflation so that the stability of prices of basic needs of the community maintained.

    "We add the distribution center in cooperation with Bank Indonesia, so we can maintain inflation. Because when inflation is expensive, kitchen prices are expensive, "said Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - in the Indag Berkibar event: Pasar Rakyat Champion in West Java 2019, West Java Distribution Center Pilot Project, and West Java Otofest 2019 at Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Saturday (Saturday) 11/23/19).

    "We want to keep this distribution center. One of them is with mechanisms that ensure that prices are always affordable. We monitor every day, including the concept of warehouse receipts, digital distribution concepts, and others, "he added.

    With P3DP, Emil hopes that growth, and equitable development of environment-based development and sustainable spatial planning can be realized quickly. Therefore, increasing regional connectivity and regional structuring needs to be improved.

    Emil also said that his party wanted to change people's perception that the people's market was not only the center of the crowd or the place of buying and selling. To realize this, the West Java Provincial Government together with the School of Business and Management (SBM) of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) will create a creative concept of the West Java Champion Market.

    "In the center of this crowd we carry out activities that are cultural, artistic, there is education, literacy, so that one day people come to the traditional market people are not in a hurry but it can linger, because the facilities are not only business buy, "he said.

    In addition, the West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Industry and Trade (Indag) will revitalize and develop the people's market. This year, the West Java Provincial Government revitalizes seven traditional markets.

    Meanwhile, West Java People's Market Ambassador Atalia Ridwan Kamil said that it was not easy to revitalize people's markets in West Java and increase community visits to the market.

    "My task is to return the community to want to come back. The way to do this is by the government conducting revitalization and outreach, "said Atalia.

    After revitalization, there are many things people can do in traditional markets. One of them is the bargaining process, including interactions between buyers and traders.

    "Therefore it is very important to do innovation and creativity, so that buyers want to come," said Atalia.

    "So, the example is related to the markets that exist today, such as muddy, uncomfortable, smelly, a lot of garbage, and so on. "We will slowly revitalize it, we will provide important equipment, understanding and strength of the market community," he said.

    Following are the winners of the 2019 West Java Champion People Market Festival:

    Large Market Categories

    First Place: Cirebon City Morning Market
    Champion II: Cipanas Market, Cianjur Regency
    3rd place: Bogor City Kebon Kembang Market

    Small Market Category
    Champion I: Bandung City Cihapit Market
    Champion II: Depok City Tugu Market
    Champion III: Galuh Market Kawali Kabuoaten Ciamis

    Commitment of West Java Regency / City Government in Traditional Market Development
    1st Place: Bogor City Government
    Second Place: Depok City Government
    3rd place: Bandung City Government

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