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    Drugs is Complex Social Problems


    BANDUNG - Drug abuse today has emerged and is a complex social problem involving various broad aspects of life such as economy, education, care, health, religion and politics.

    "This problem no longer recognizes national borders and has become an international problem, even now Indonesia has declared a drug emergency status," said Brigadier General of West Java Deputy Chief of Police when opening the 2019 Lodaya Antique Preoperative Exercise.

    The 2019 Lodaya Antique Pre Operation Training was participated by the Head of Ops Division, Narcotics Narcotics Unit, Kasat Intel Unit, Kasat Binmas Polres / ta / tabes of West Java Regional Police in Muryono West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Seokarno-Hatta Street, 748 Bandung, Friday (11/22).

    Given the dangers posed, drugs can threaten the survival of the nation's generation by damaging mentally, especially the younger generation, the world community has made various efforts to prevent its circulation and abuse, but until now it has not received satisfactory results.

    "Therefore, prevention and prevention efforts require actions that are sustainable and well planned by all stakeholders as a joint responsibility," he said

    Keep in mind, that the movement of drug syndicates in Indonesia is developing very rapidly, starting from international drug traffic transit locations, international drug trafficking locations, even now Indonesia has become a place of drug production.

    The 2019 Lodaya Antique Operation will be carried out for 10 (ten) days, starting November 21-30, 2019.

    The theme of the 2019 Lodaya Antique Operation Training, namely "With the Lat Pre-Ops 2019 Lodaya Antique Ops, West Java Regional Police are ready to deal with narcotics and psychotropic abuse as well as other illegal addictive substances in the context of creating conditions ahead of Christmas 2019 and the New Year 2020." Jo

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