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    Governor Issued Circular About UMK


    BANDUNG- The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil has issued Circular Number: 561/75 / Yanbangsos, related to the Implementation of City / Regency Minimum Wages in West Java Province in 2020, addressed to all company leaders in West Java.

    In the West Java Got Information (Japri) event at Gedung Sate, Friday (11/22), Head of the Manpower and Transmigration Office, West Java Province, Mochamad Ade Afriandi said, in the circular letter, Minimum Wages for Regencies / Cities in West Java Province Year 2020 is implemented with several provisions, i.e

    1. The Regional Government of West Java Province approved the Regency / City Minimum Wage Level of Recommendation in 2020 proposed by the Regent / Mayor as listed in the Appendix, as an integral part of this Circular Letter.

    2. Workers who have received higher wages than the UMK or Regency / City Sectoral Minimum Wage (UMSK) or Special Minimum Wages in 2019 may not be reduced in wages.

    3. Wages for Workers who have worked for more than 1 (one) year, are determined based on the results of negotiations or agreements between the Company and Workers or Trade Unions / Labor Unions.

    4. Provision of wages for workers with a work period of more than 1 (one) year as referred to in number 2 also applies to workers with Specific Time Work Agreements (PKWT) and / or other forms of employment that indicate workers have worked more than 1 (one) year in the same company, or have work experience of more than 1 (one) year in the same field even in different companies, as evidenced by a letter of work experience.

    5. The company is obliged to prepare and implement the Structure and Scale of Wages by taking into account the group, position, length of service, education and competence and must be notified to all Workers / Laborers, and report to the Provincial Regional Manpower Office and Regency / City Manpower Office.

    6. Encourage every company to carry out bipartite negotiations to determine wages and the amount of the increase and be reported to the Provincial Regional Manpower Office and Regency / City Manpower Office.

    7. Workers, trade unions / labor unions and their respective companies
    optimize wage negotiations that are fair and aimed at the welfare of workers, taking into account the company's capabilities and business continuity.

    8. For companies that already have or do not yet have Trade Unions / Labor Unions and have fulfilled the requirements as stated in Article 106 paragraph (1) of Law Number 13 Year 2003 concerning Manpower, are immediately encouraged to form a Bipartite Cooperation Institution (LKS) and activate the role of the institution in wage negotiations.

    The following is the Minimum City / Regency Minimum Wage in the Province of West Java in 2020,
    1. Karawang Regency Rp. 4,594,324.54
    2. Bekasi City Rp. 4,589,708.90
    3. Bekasi Regency Rp. 4,498,961,51
    4. The city of Depok Rp 4,202,105.87
    5. Bogor City Rp 4,169,806,58
    6. Bogor Regency Rp. 4,083,670.00
    7. Purwakarta Regency Rp. 4,039,067.66
    8. City of Bandung Rp 3,623,778.91
    9. West Bandung Regency Rp 3,145,427.79.
    10. Sumedang Regency Rp. 3,139,275.37
    11. Bandung Regency Rp. 3,139,275.37
    12. Cimahi City Rp. 3,139,274.74.
    13. Sukabumi Regency Rp. 3,028,531.71
    14. Subang Regency Rp. 2,965,468.00
    15. Cianjur Regency Rp. 2,534,798.99
    16. Sukabumi City Rp. 2,530,182.63
    17. Indramayu Regency IDR 2,297,931.11
    18. City of Tasikmalaya Rp. 2,264,093.28.
    19. Tasikmalaya Regency Rp. 2,251,787.92
    20. Cirebon City IDR 2,219,487.67
    21. Cirebon Regency Rp. 2,196,416.09.
    22. Garut Regency Rp. 1,961,085.70
    23. Regency of Majalengka Rp. 1,944,166.36
    24. Kuningan Regency Rp. 1,882,642.36.
    25. Ciamis Regency Rp. 1,880,654,55.
    26. District of Pengandaran Rp. 1,860,591,33.
    27. Banjar City Rp. 1,831,884.83. (Parno)

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