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    Lina Ruzhan: P2WKSS is Able to Improve West Java's IPG


    CIMAHI CITY - Deputy Chairperson of PKK Province Lina Marlina Ruzhan said the Women's Role Program towards Healthy and Prosperous Families (P2WKSS) was able to increase West Java's Gender Development Index (IPG).

    "Women's health aspects are also quite good. The latest data, in 2018, shows that the life expectancy of women is 74.62 years, which is above that of men who are only 70.76 years, "Lina said while reviewing the Latest Evaluation of the West Java P2WKSS 2019 in Cimahi City, Friday (11/22 / 19).

    "So, women today in West Java have a longer life expectancy than men," he added.

    According to Lina, a number of changes occurred in several districts / cities because P2WKSS went well. "From the mediocre to be extraordinary. From the previously unkempt to being manicured, from the ignorant to knowing," he said

    Therefore, Lina hopes that P2WKSS can continue to run, so that West Java's IPG will increase. Even so in the economic and educational aspects of West Java women.

    "Therefore there is a need for stakeholder collaboration based on Pentahelix principles, namely academics, the business world, the community, government, and the media. That is the key to the success of P2WKSS. So that it can have a significant impact on society, "he said.

    One of the innovations initiated by the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province, said Lina, is the Women's Achieving Dream and Dream (Sekoper Cinta) program.

    "Hopefully what has been done by all parties today has become a habit in the community. By taking care of each other and everything does not return to things that are less pleasant," said Lina concluded.

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