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    BKOW Has the Role of Cutting Gender Gaps


    BANDUNG- A total of 20 administrators of the West Java Women's Organization Cooperation Body (BROW) 2019-2024, serving today, is inaugurated by Acting. Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province.

    According to Daud, BKOW West Java has an important role in cutting the gender gap that is currently still visible between women and men through various empowerment programs they have.

    "The gender gap was when the gospel was still there and it was clearly seen," said Daud, while inaugurating the West Java BROW board in the 2019-2024 Service Period at Gedung Sate, Friday (11/22).

    Daud said, with the women's organizations that are currently being formed, they are working and trying to minimize this gender gap.

    "With the empowerment of women, this can reduce the number of gender disparities, especially in West Java," he said.

    Daud stated, BKOW as a women's organization has a role where they must be able to think about how to increase the index of building women and the index to empower women.

    "The success of the development of women's empowerment can be seen from two indicators, namely the Gender Development Index (IPG) and the Gender Empowerment Index (IDG), where the two indicators have continued to increase in the last five years," he said. (Parno)

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