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    PPID ITB Wins the Title of Informative Public Agency from the Central Information Commission


    BANDUNG - Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) ITB won the Informative title from the Central Information Commission (KIP) of the Republic of Indonesia.

     The award was given in the 2019 Public Information Openness Award in the State Universities category in the Implementation of Law No. 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Openness.

    For the award, ITB Chancellor Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi expressed his congratulations and appreciation to the PPID ITB team led by the Vice Chancellor for General Administration, Alumni, and Communication of ITB for their hard work so far. According to the chancellor, the award was a very proud achievement.

    "This is thanks to the hard work of the PPID team and all its staff who have worked together to help each other and also coordinate with all relevant units so that information needed by the community can be provided entirely by ITB, both performance-related information, achievements that have been obtained, and other information what is needed by the wider community, "he said as published by ITB Public Relations, Thursday (11/21).

    Delivered by Prof. Kadarsah, ITB is one of five universities that received Informative awards. He hopes that through these achievements, the PPID ITB team will be even better at providing information services to the public. "Hopefully in the future more success, congratulations to PPID, congratulations to ITB and congratulations to us all. This is also a gift at the end of 2019," said Prof. Kadarsah.

    ITB Vice Chancellor for General Administration, Alumni and Communication Dr. Miming Miharja also expressed his appreciation to the PPID ITB team for the achievement. According to him, there is no instant achievement. "This is the result of hard work from all parties who work together. And this is all achieved because there is already good planning, one by one we are working and in these five years we can achieve very good achievements, "he told ITB Public Relations.

    Dr. Miming said, there were two important criteria for PPID ITB so that they could achieve an informative title at the 2019 Public Information Openness Award. The first was related to innovations that had been carried out, and secondly about program sustainability.

    In terms of innovation, explained Dr. Miming, PPID ITB has done many things including developing various schemes that make it easier for the public to access data both directly and through applications that have been made.

    "If direct access is usually to basic and generic data, for example information about ITB, we link to the PPID dashboard. For example the number of students, number of lecturers, study programs, expertise groups, etc. we link to the PPID dashboard , "He said.

    As for the more specific data needed by the public, PPID ITB has created a system so that the public can submit the data request application. PPID ITB simplifies the process of requesting information by creating applications that can be accessed on smart phones or gadgets.

    "Then from the regular report, on the PPID website it can be accessed to show how many publics are asking for information, the progress of the response given by ITB to the request is already up to where it has statistics. That is one of the innovations that we provide, "added Dr. Miming.

    Furthermore, from the aspect of sustainability, in order to make the program sustainable, the PPID ITB Team recruited a number of students to be involved in PPID ITB. So they are expected to become agents of public information disclosure. "In addition, internally, young staff are also involved so it is hoped that the program will continue," he said. Jo

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