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    PLN (Persero) West Java Distribution Wins Gold Medal in the 2019 SNI Award


    BANDUNG - PT PLN (Persero) West Java Distribution Main Unit won a gold award at the prestigious Indonesia National Standard (SNI) Award 2019 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Wednesday night (20/11).

    Present as the recipient of the award was the Senior Manager of Human Resources, Hendrizal. This award is a form of various achievements of West Java State Electricity Company (UID) to increase revenue in the criteria of Medium and Large Service Organizations.

    According to Hendrizal, this award has triggered PLN to work even harder in optimizing national standards in every electricity service in the West Java region, so that the services provided can be in accordance with customer standards and expectations.

    "In the face of current technological developments, especially in the electricity sector, PLN has never stopped to continue to innovate. We ensure that in every service we provide there is quality that is always maintained through standardization. Thank you for all the support, "Hendrizal said through the PLN press release, Thursday (11/21).

    Minister of Research, Technology and Head of the National Innovation Research Agency Bambang Brodjonegoro added, standardization provides a platform for innovation needed by every company. Bambang Brodjonegoro hopes that the SNI Award will have a wide impact on other industry players to implement SNI, both from raw material providers, manufacturers, distributors and other related parties. "Especially for government agencies or SOEs, SNI must become a requirement in the procurement of government goods and services. This policy will encourage the growth of industries that produce quality goods and provide services according to customer expectations which ultimately makes Indonesia highly competitive, "said Bambang.

    Meanwhile, Head of the National Standardization Agency Bambang Prasetya said, the SNI Award continues to improve the selection system from year to year so that the quality or standards used by each company are as desired.

    "SNI Award received feedback from stakeholders so we can improve its quality. The SNI Award winners have demonstrated their quality in maintaining the quality standards of products or innovations issued. This is important for international and regional branding, "he said.

    SNI Award is the government's appreciation to organizations that are performing well and consistently applying SNI, both management and products produced.

    In addition to Anugrah Gold for PLN West Java UID, four units and other PLN Subsidiaries also received awards at the 2018 SNI Award. The four are:

    PT Prima Jasa Nasional Engineering (Bronze Award)
    PT PLN (Persero) UID Lampung (Anugrah Silver)
    PT PLN (Persero) UIT Sumatra (Anugrah Gold)
    PT PLN (Persero) UID Jaya (Anugrah Gold). Jo

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