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    West Java Develop The ASN Towards on World-Class Quality


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government continues to conduct staff development through various activities towards world class quality of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

    Many activities we have carried in the development of ASN in the provinces and districts/cities in West Java. Among them, there are training development of ASN.

    There are number of trainings involving experts in HR development, HR ASN to be more quality, it impacted on the performance of government performance which is getting better and more useful to the broadest community,” said the Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan in a press conference at Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, on Wednesday (20/4).

    Furthermore, the governor said, there is an ASN educational research, if ASN want to do research, then it would be appreciated. Then, there are 300 doctoral programs. So, when ASN has been received at a particular faculty, both outside and inside the country, then it will be dismissed from his job, so that the relevant should be focus on studying.

    "The ASN will get his salary without working. If he had won a scholarship and then we record and appreciate, when they have completed the task of learning well and return to their homeland to apply their knowledge,” he said.

    The government of West Java province is committed to providing award both functional and structural appreciation for ASN who already have high dedication to learn and lessons used for the development of governance in West Java Province.

    Other activities is a competition or selection exemplary ASN held every year. The prizes are usually visited countries that have good bureaucracy and already has world class quality. There is also the TPP or allowances earnings improvement.

    "As long as it is no shortage of income so that complaints often arise corruptive behaviours and to prevent it, including with the TPP. We will cut the un-clear honorarium, then replaced with TPP with load performance of 50 percent and 50 percent of immediate benefits. In the future we change of 70 percent of performance and 30 percent of benefits,” he said.

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