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    US-Indonesia Investment Summit: Governor Offers Various Strategic Projects in West Java


    JAKARTA - Through the US-Indonesia Investment Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Thursday (11/21/19), Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil invited companies from the United States to invest in West Java.

    There are 209 strategic projects in West Java with a value of nearly 60 billion US dollars or approximately Rp. 845 trillion offered by Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - at the forum.

    The governor, who was awarded the Asia Pacific Inspirational Leader at the UN Headquarters in Bangkok last October, said that investors from the US in West Java were no more than Asian investors.

    "We invite more US companies, because if today's proportion of the largest investors to West Java are still Asian countries, East Asia in particular. So, it lacks balance, "Emil said.

    "The problem is, US investors often see it (only) in central government projects. So, I'm here to educate that there are two investment doors, it can be a central government project, it can be a local government project, "he added.

    Until now, said Emil, US investment in West Java in various fields reached a value of around Rp 4 trillion. Emil added, the Provincial Government (Pemda) with the largest population in Indonesia must also be proactive and understand investment opportunities from Uncle Sam's Country.

    As for the 209 projects offered, Emil stated that US investors are ready to participate in 11 projects ready for auction through Public Private Partnership (PPP) cooperation schemes, including the Legok Nangka TPPAS project, LRT Bandung Raya, Rebana Triangle, to the Bandung Toll Road project -Cilacap.

    Emil asserted, the West Java Provincial Government is very supportive and encourages investment to continue to grow. One of them is with the aim of increasing employment and reducing unemployment.

    "I continue the direction of the President (Joko Widodo). Mr. President's Directive is that all matters that create land for workers must be prioritized. So investment is important, so that it can reduce the unemployment rate and others, "Emil said.

    In the US-Indonesia Investment Summit, Emil also explained two ways or types of business that investors can do to invest in West Java.

    First, direct investment or Business to Business (B2B), such as for the development of the manufacturing industry. Second, investment for cooperation in the development of various projects in the West Java Provincial Government, for example the pattern of PPP cooperation, aka Business to Government (B2G).

    "If you think West Java is the right place for business, you let me know and let's have a meeting. We are working together to create West Java as the best provincial model for investing, "he said to potential investors.

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