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    West Java Governor Visits Siamese Twins in Bekasi


    BEKASI CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil visited conjoined twins Ahmad Rahman Al Ayyubi and Ahmad Rahim Al Ayyubi in Bintara Jaya, Bekasi City, Thursday (11/21/19).

    Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - also hopes that Rahman and Rahim can be operated on in the next three months.

    "This is the solitude of God's destiny. "Of course we pray for them to be able to return to normal, but it takes time, so we help them to breastfeed so that their weight gain can be operated on in three, not in the future," Emil said.

    In order to get surgery, Rahman and Rahim who are now 14 months old must have ideal body weight. Therefore, the nutritional intake of Rahman and Rahim must continue to be considered.

    On the same occasion, Emil appreciated the response of the Bekasi City Government, which was relatively fast in handling the children of the couple Romi Darma Rachim and Ika Mutia Sari. He also asked residents of West Java to help and pray for Rahman and Rahim.

    "I pray for the matter smoothly. And I think the government (Bekasi City) has been responsive, showing that we have to be compact as leaders. Hopefully the next three months smoothly, we will monitor later, "he said.

    Emil added that the birth of conjoined twins is a genetic disorder not a disease factor. "It's a genetic disorder, not a prevalence that can be counted as a disease, it's just a genetic problem," he said.

    "They are twins, have children and there are problems in their eggs in the first three months (pregnancy)," said Emil ended.

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