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    West Java Deputy Governor Launches Cageur Village to Reduce Stunting Numbers


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum launches 'Cageur Village' (Village of Superior and Sarehat Candidate Villages) in Ciburuy Village, Padalarang District, West Bandung Regency, Wednesday (11/20/19/19 ).

    Cageur Village is a program to support the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) in suppressing stunting or failing to grow through the West Java National Amil Zakat Board (BAZNAS).

    Uu also appreciated the program because it was considered able to sensitize the public about the dangers of stunting, including providing insights related to prevention efforts.

    "This (Cageur Village) is good because it gives people awareness of the dangers of stunting. That way they try to avoid it," Uu said.

    There are three steps to reducing stunting in West Java through Cageur Village, namely providing nutritious healthy food to infants and pregnant women, providing education about the dangers of stunting, and empowering Posyandu cadres.

    Later, the program will be supervised by a team of doctors for three full months to get maximum results.

    Uu added, West Java is one of the contributing areas for stunting cases which is quite high in Indonesia. Nationally, 36 percent of children under five (0-5 years) in Indonesia are stunted.

    While based on BKKBN data in 2018, there were 29.9 percent or 2.7 million West Java toddlers who were stunted. The West Java Provincial Government continues to reduce stunting to below 20 percent.

    "We also have programs in reducing stunting based on food menu, parenting and sanitation, namely the Omaba (Ojeg Food Toddler) program, Sekoper Cinta, and Handwashing with Soap (CTPS)," Uu said.

    The target of the decline, continued Uu, focused on 11 districts / cities with the highest stunting height, one of them is West Bandung Regency.

    Uu also hopes that the Cageur Village program can be implemented in other villages in West Bandung Regency by BAZNAS JABAR in collaboration with the local government. Not to forget, Uu invited all parties to care about stunting.

    West Java BAZNAS Chairman Arif Ramdani meanwhile said, stunting is a condition where children are less normal in terms of growth and must be avoided because it will create a weak young generation.

    Arif said, Cageur Village was one of the efforts of West Java BAZNAS in supporting the West Java Provincial Government program in fighting and suppressing stunting.

    "We are directed to support the vision of West Java Champion Born Inner, one of them through the health program," said Arif.

    The Cageur Village Program lasts for three months with 100 beneficiaries per village. The Ciburuy Village was chosen because it was among the 10 stunting priority villages with the highest stuntung case in West Java.

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