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    Atalia Conveys Three Things to High School Students


    BANDUNG - Head of West Java Moves Atalia Praratya Kamil or fondly called Mrs. Love to be a speaker in the West Java BKKBN socialization program which is packaged in Young Generation Moves Planning for West Java, Towards Superior Generation 4.0, held by West Java BKKBN in Hall SMAN 1 Bandung, Wednesday (20) / 11/2019). In his speech, Atalia advised the representatives of 70 high school vocational high schools in Bandung Raya, about three important things to be considered by the millennial generation youth.

    "Keep in mind about the three things huh? What is it? Stay away from drugs, not free sex, and avoid early marriage," said Atalia while interacting with students and distributing gifts to those who were able to answer the questions they raised.

    Atalia explained those three things that would cover the future and ideals of today's young generation.

    "While Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, poor people are not those who do not have wealth, but those who do not have dreams and ideals," he said.

    Atalia motivates children to continue to have ideals. The ideals that not only change themselves but are able to change the world. The event was attended in addition to the Moving West Java community as well as the chairman of the West Java BKKBN Sukarso Teguh Saroso and the Principal of SMA N 1 Bandung as the host of Dadang Yani Z. (Pun)

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