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    Entering Industry Bio Farma 4.0 Strengthens Collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Sucofindo


    BANDUNG (11/19/2019) - Bio Farma as a world-class lifescience company with global competitiveness, has explored the changes in the industrial world entering industry 4.0. To answer these challenges, Bio Farma has begun to develop strategies in terms of research and development, production processes, supply chain values ??that utilize big data and artificial intelligence.

    To strengthen this, Bio Farma collaborated with the Directorate of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industries (IKFT) of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which aims to carry out cooperation in the field of pilot projects, the implementation of Industry 4.0 which aims to support the program the government "Making Indonesia 4.0" and to build cooperative relations oriented to the growth and development programs for the downstream chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

    The signing was carried out by the Director of the Downstream Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Taufiek Bawazier, with the Director of Bio Farma Operations, M. Rahman Roestan on 30 October 2019. Implementation of Industry 4.0 was marked by the submission of the MoU and the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) between the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia on November 19, 2019 submitted by the Director General of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industries of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Muhammad Khayam to the Director of Bio Farma Operations M. Rahman Roestan witnessed by the Board of Executives, and all Bio Farma employees, at Bio Farma Bandung.

    According to Muhammad Khayam, this MoU is a Pilot Project to see and get the latest picture related to the profile and performance of the company and its potential towards the industry platform 4.0, "The Pharmaceutical Industry in Indonesia, has a very high added value, therefore, the government has paid special attention to the industry With the issuance of Presidential Instruction No. 6 of 2016 *, Bio Farma as part of the Pharmaceutical Industry, was chosen to be one of the companies representing IKFT to become an industry pilot who is ready to compete in the 4.0 era, we hope Bio Farma's readiness to face competition in the internet era of things (IoT), can be applied in other industries ", said Muhammad Khayam.

    Meanwhile, M. Rahman Roestan said that Bio Farma was chosen as a pilot from the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia to become a pilot in readiness towards industry 4.0. To enter industry 4.0, Bio Farma has prepared the latest technology in the disruptive era, such as Electronic Batch Records (EBR) that use communication technology as its foundation. Another thing prepared by Bio Farma is to innovate, and collaborate to be able to compete in this era, "The key of industry 4.0 is connectivity where the elements involved in it must be connected and integrated, what we have done is collaborating with parties Academics, Government, and Research Institutions both inside and outside the country, for the purpose of technology transfer with the ultimate goal of finding new products ", Rahman said.

    Rahman added, Bio Farma has added infrastructure related to 4.0, among others, preparing an IT master plan to support the pharma 4.0 industry, and developing a system or application supporting industry 4.0. Including research collaboration with the University to create Proof of Concept IoT (Internet of Things). (Even)

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