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    The More Advanced Counterfeit Money Method


    BANDUNG - Rupiah money has certain codes and forms that are difficult to fake. But the perpetrators of counterfeiting money also never surrendered, as evidenced there are still plenty of counterfeit money found.

    "The more sophisticated, so there must continue to be a synergy between BI and Keoplisian as well as prosecution and prosecutors," said the Deputy Chief of Police Brigadier General Akhmad Wiyagus at the West Java BI Road Office Braga, Wednesday (11/20).

    He also requested that all parties not stop in socializing the authenticity of money to the community, especially people in rural areas.

    Vigilance will also be increased ahead of political parties or on certain holidays. Because according to him, the habit of finding fake money rife at moments like that.

    Head of West Java BI Doni P Joewono added the ratio of counterfeit money is currently decreasing every year. The decrease in the ratio is caused by an improvement in the quality of printed banknotes and more security elements.

    "The money issued in December 2016 has an anti-photocopy security element," he said. jo

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