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    BKKBN Targets Millennial Generation Program Socialization


    BANDUNG - West Java's BKKBN targets millennials, especially high school students and their equivalents to socialize various population and family planning programs. Head of the West Java Representative Office's BKKBN Sukaryo Teguh Santosa said the number of high school students equivalent in West Java reached more than 12 million people, so it was a potential target for socialization.

    "There are more than 12 million high school students in West Java. This is very potential especially since they are future family forming candidates," Teguh said at a family planning socialization event at SMA N 1 Bandung, Wednesday (11/20/2019), with Mrs. Atalia Praratya Kamil

    As for the material of socialization including the dangers of drugs, free sex and early marriage.

    "For this reason, we focus on explaining these three things, namely the dangers of drugs, free sex and early marriage. This fits the age of those who are vulnerable to being affected by it," Teguh said.

    Similar events will be held in several places so that the BKKBN program's socialization extends to the target, with the hope of creating a good family in the future. (Even)

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