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    Governor Gives Advice to Participants in the 2019 Millennial Camp in Cibodas Tourism Park, Cianjur


    CIANJUR - Around 2000 high school / vocational students in West Java joined the 2018 Millennial Camp at the Mandalawangi campsite at Cibodas Cianjur Tourism Park, West Java, from 18-30 November 2019.

    On this occasion the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil was present to motivate the participants. Providing advice regarding national unity and anti-radicalism among students.

    "This is part of Pancasila education. There are two thousands of children we invite to strengthen leadership, harmony and become agents to counter radicalism," said Emil, his nickname.

    According to Emil, students in these schools must be given anti-radicalism education. They are the next generation who will be the determinant of the sustainability of the country in the future.

    "This is an expensive investment, long-term. Children should not be exposed to negative things," he said.

    According to him, the prediction of Indonesia's gold in 2045 will not be realized if the younger generation does not understand the importance of unity. Because, to become a superpower, the nation's conducivity must be maintained properly.

    "The third condition, don't fight. If we fight, we don't have time to do positive things," he said.

    In his presentation before the young generation, Emil also gave an example of a number of countries that were destroyed by their conflicting communities. "Yugoslavia broke up. Afghanistan is at war, now Syria is at war. The religion is the same, but fighting," he said.

    Therefore, he invited students not to prioritize differences, especially regarding religion and ethnicity. He believes, conflicts to civil wars in a country occur due to the parties who like to highlight differences. Jo

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