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    West Java Parliament is Worried That There will be an Increase in Unemployment


    BANDUNG - Chairman of the Democratic Party Faction of the Regional Representative Council (DPRD) of West Java Province, Asep Wahyuwijaya is worried that there will be an increase in unemployment due to the rampant closure and relocation of factories to other provinces.

    "From the latest data that I know, there were 140 factories moved from West Java. The rise of closure and factory move to other provinces, the Governor should not be slow in deciding wage policies that are responsive to developments and concerns that occur in the community," he said Monday (18 / 11).

    According to him, a governor's policy is needed that can influence the industrial climate in West Java in order to survive even though wage setting is a questionable indication.

    Asep added, the result of the field visit was that the determination of the Employee Minimum Wage (UMK) was not only discussed at the government level. Asep continued, compliance with the implementation of MSEs based on information we received was conveyed by the Head of West Java Disnaker Supervision Division to the Secretary and the Governor only about 30 percent.

    "One of the main reasons is due to the high value of MSEs in several districts and cities. While on the other hand, the high MSE is not accompanied by compliance in its implementation. Companies in various sectors have also stated their plans to relocate to other provinces, if an increase in UMK is set higher by the Governor, "he added.

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