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    Hundreds of Companies Get CSR Awards from the Governor


    BANDUNG - Throughout 2018-2019, there were 207 companies focused in West Java that had joined the CSR forum. The forum that houses the company's CSR activities was formed to facilitate the distribution of corporate CSR funds to the right target.

    For the CSR program the West Java Provincial Government through the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil gave a certificate of appreciation in the inauguration of the 2018-2019 CSR project at the Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, Monday (11/18). After giving the charter, the governor also symbolically and simultaneously signed the inscription of the inauguration of hundreds of CSR projects in West Java.

    Head of West Java CSR facilitation team Daud Ahmad said that currently there were 207 companies in the West Java level CSR forum. Consists of 163 private companies, 3 Jabar BUMD and 41 BUMN.

    "Hundreds of billions have been collected from companies that are distributed on target and transparent," he explained.

    Meanwhile Ridwan Kamil said that in the future the CSar forum should not only be at the provincial level, but also the level of regencies and cities must be made.

    "Development is only about 10 percent of the APBD, Tidka might rely on it, so it must be creative, one of which is through CSR. I ask that this forum be formed at the district and city level," he said.

    Out of 2500 companies in West Java, only less than 10 percent joined, so he targets to double by next year.

    "It's still small, a lot of programs that we will make in 2020, for example Citarum fragrant or other, at the beginning of the year we will make sure where the focus of CSR will be," he said. Jo

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