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    Dewi is now the Managing Director of Al Ihsan Regional Hospital


    BANDUNG CITY- Acting Regional Secretary of West Java Province Daud Achmad inaugurated Dr. Dewi Basmala Gatot, MARS as Managing Director of Al Ihsan Regional General Hospital (RSUD) in accordance with Governor's Decree No. 821.2 / Kep961BKD / 2019 in Papandayan Room Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Monday (11/18/19).

    Daud said, the selection process for the position of President Director (Managing Director) of Al Ihsan Hospital took quite a long time. After officially inaugurating the new CEO, Daud also hopes that Dr. Goddess can immediately work to solve existing problems.

    One of them is related to staffing issues so that service to the community is not disrupted.

    "Now, with the definitive managing director, hopefully this (staffing problem) can be reduced, instead it can be resolved," said Daud.

    In addition, Daud also hopes that Al Ihsan Regional Hospital can become an international hospital. Because the facilities and infrastructure that are owned are considered to be quite good with the support of sophisticated equipment.

    "This is the task of the President Director of Al Ihsan to be able to trigger HR. "If necessary, for example, recruit professionals so that international hospitals can be realized," said Daud.

    Daud was sure, Dewi's competence and experience could improve Al Ihsan Regional Hospital. Of course, this can be achieved with support in the form of guidance and guidance from the West Java Provincial Health Office.

    Dewi meanwhile said, this inauguration was a mandate that must be carried out with full responsibility. He also appreciated the previous president director for building Al Ihsan Regional Hospital well.

    Meanwhile, Dewi herself is a former Director of Bogor City Hospital. As a professional, his figure has been in the world of health for 30 years in a private hospital.

    He also repeated the message of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil when conducting interviews. "He actually wants that the Al Ihsan Hospital Rumas to be a referral hospital for West Java and international standards with its professionalism," imitated Dewi.

    "Of course we are in the direction of running the wheel in that direction with the outcome of West Java Champion," he stressed.

    After being inaugurated, the issue of staffing became one of Dewi's priorities in completing her work in accordance with existing regulations.

    "I promise that in one week there will be a statement regarding the steps, what should be done with the priority scale," said Dewi. (Even - Public Relations)

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