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    West Java Mainstay Swimmer Becomes Torchbearer at the 2019 POPNAS Opening Ceremony


    JAKARTA - "... by saying bismillah, the 15th POPNAS in Jakarta in 2019 I declare officially opened," said Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali.

    The thunderous applause of the Jakarta Soemantri Brojonegoro Student Hall continued to accompany the opening of the XV / 2019 National Student Sports Week (POPNAS) of DKI Jakarta and West Java (West Java), which was participated by 34 provinces in Indonesia.

    The opening ceremony starts at 19:30 WIB with Betawi music dance performances. Next, defile athletes representing each province, from Aceh to West Papua, enter and march in front of the stage.

    The host of the event also introduced the Head of the Youth and Sports Service of West Java Province Engkus Sutisna who was present directly in the opening ceremony (opening ceremony) as the Contingent Leader of the West Java Team.

    Next, the event continued with the raising of the Red-White flag accompanied by the national anthem Indonesia Raya. While in his remarks, Menpora Zainudin Amali appreciated the Province of DKI Jakarta and West Java who were willing to be the hosts in a short time.

    "Good cooperation between Kemenpora and the Provincial Governments of DKI and West Java, then in a short time we can prepare for the 15th POPNAS in 2019," said Zainudin.

    "Hopefully this POPNAS will give birth to talented and accomplished athletes. By saying bismillah, the 15th POPNAS in Jakarta in 2019 I declare officially opened," he added.

    Then, the event entered into the reading of athlete's pledge by Triolin Yarisetow (Papua) and the referee's appointment by Lt. Col. Agustina Kurbiana (Jakarta). After continuing with the carnival parade, the opening ceremony of POPNAS XV / 2019 entered the top of the event.

    It was then that the mainstay swimmer from West Java from Cimahi, Adellia, became one of four selected athletes who carried the POPNAS torch to be handed over to the Menpora. After being accepted by the Menpora and brought to the stage, the fire of POPNAS was ignited and the confession that was added to the lively moment.

    The opening ceremony officially ended at around 21:15 WIB. According to Adellia, her experience of carrying a torch in the opening ceremony of POPNAS made her happy as well as proud.

    "I was surprised, I was happy too. It was the first time I was directly involved in the opening ceremony," said Adellia.

    As one of West Java's proud athletes, Adellia won four gold medals at the 2019 ASEAN School Games in Semarang last July. This girl who was born on November 18, 2004, said she had loved swimming since kindergarten and was serious about pursuing water sports from elementary school.

    "I played at number 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters breaststroke. My goal is to be able to participate in the Olympics," said the student at SMAN 5 Cimahi.

    At POPNAS XV / 2019, Adellia hopes to contribute gold to West Java. And with hundreds of other student athletes on the team, he hopes to get satisfying results at this biennial event. "Hopefully it can boast of West Java," he hoped.

    Separately, the Head of West Java Dispora Engkus Sutisna advised the West Java Team Contingent to maintain cohesiveness and keep the spirit of realizing Jabar Champion. "Surely they must be fit when competing, take care of their health, eat and drink," Engkus said when met after the event.

    "The target of the overall champion (from 2017) also inevitably, like it or not, we must maintain. And I'm sure, with the existing selection, concentration of training, we just specify (results) on the field," he added.

    Regarding Adellia, who is one of the POPNAS XV / 2019 torchbearers, Engkus hopes that it will motivate other young athletes to continue to excel.

    "I am sure that I will motivate his juniors, his friends, who have just appeared and competed in this POPNAS," Engkus concluded.

    POPNAS 15th itself competed 13 sports (sports) with 221 match numbers. On the first day as well as the opening day on Sunday (17/11), West Java washed two gold from karate sports. The sports week for students across the country will be closed on Sunday (11/24).

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