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    POPNAS 2019: Karate Donates Gold the First Contingent of the West Java Team


    JAKARTA - Karateka fostered by the West Java Student Training Center (PPLP) West Java, Yudha Fadillah Pratama, managed to donate the first gold for the West Java Team Contingent in the 2019 National Student Sports Week (POPNAS).

    Not only succeeded in presenting gold, Yudha also opened a medal for the West Java on the first day of POPNAS XV / 2019 in the match at the Cempaka Putih Youth Center on Sunday (11/17/19).

    The Yudha carve the best results after defeating Christoper, karateka from Central Java, in the final individual male word number with a value of 25.08, ahead of his rival who pocketed the value of 24.54.

    Meanwhile, West Java's second gold was also obtained from the karate sport branch through Ridwan Pawas nickname which contributed the best results in the men's 76 kg kumite number. Ridwan won 4-1 over Riau rivals, M. Duski Mubaroq.

    According to the person responsible for the Karate Sports Contingent of the West Java Team, Yedih Lesmana, the two golds obtained by Yudha and Ridwan have met the target set from the Japanese martial arts competition.

    "Their preparations (Yudha and Ridwan) are very good because every day training in PPLP. We (karate) target two gold, but hopefully tomorrow (17/11) can win more gold," said Yedih.

    Yedih added, karate sports can still expect from other numbers to be contested on the second day, Monday (11/18), until the last day for the medal race on Wednesday (11/20).

    POPNAS XV / 2019 itself competed 13 sports namely athletics, weightlifting, badminton, sand volleyball, paddles, judo, karate, archery, pencak silat, swimming, sepak takraw, taekwondo, and degree fighting, with 221 match numbers.

    At POPNAS XV / 2019, the West Java Team Contingent consisted of 211 athletes, 36 trainers, 13 medics, 13 people in charge of sports, 21 supporters, and 39 contingent officials. They were officially released by West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum at Gedung Sate on Monday 11 November.

    In the previous edition in this biennial event, West Java won the overall championship at POPNAS 2017 Semarang with the acquisition of 58 gold, 45 silver and 54 bronze.

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