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    West Java Governor Invites Ulama District West Bandung Join English for Ulama Next Year


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, five ulemas from West Java who joined the English for Ulama program successfully carried out their mission, namely preaching about the beauty of Indonesian Islam in five European cities (London, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham).

    "They were asked to have a dialogue with the Mayor, invited by the British House of Representatives, this exceeded the target," Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - said at the Early Morning (Subling) at Baiturrohman Mosque, Kab. West Bandung, Sunday (11/17/19).

    Since setting foot in London on Monday (11/4/19), five ulama from West Java, namely Wifni Yusifa, Ridwan Subagya, Ihya Ulumudin, Safitra, and Hasan Al-Banna, have received invitations, both from the regional head, members of parliament, parties the police, and religious communities, to be speakers or discuss about Islam.

    Ridwan, for example, went straight to the DKM of the Jami Auston Mosque, Afzal Shah. After that, he met with one of Bristol's politicians and Muslim community. The Bristol police chief was present at the meeting.

    Meanwhile, Hasan became one of the speakers in the Thurrock Interfaith Roundtable Dialogue or interfaith dialogue that took place in Grays, Thurrock - about 30 km east of London.

    Apart from Hasan, the dialogue held by the Thurrock Labor Party was attended by members of the assembly Qaisar Abbas and John Kent, Imam Grays Mosque Salim Rahman and Abdul Rashid, as well as Reverend David Peterson (St. Clements Church) and Matt Drummond (St. Stephens Church).

    "The British like his lectures and are asked to come again during Ramadan and become a preacher on Friday prayers," said Emil.

    Emil also stated that the English for Ulama program would be initiated again in 2020. He also invited the ulama of the District. West Bandung to participate in the program.

    "America and Poland also want, even the ambassador has contacted me," he said.

    "If the whole world asks, it means that the target of carrying the message of world peace is successful," he added.

    On the same occasion, Emil advised the scholars and students to master English and Arabic.

    "Santri today must understand 4 languages, namely Indonesian, Sundanese, Arabic and English. In order to be able to preach abroad," he concluded.

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