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    Deputy Governor: Taklim Assembly Part of Community Support for the Vision of West Java Champion Born Inner


    GARUT REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the meaning of the anniversary of the Prophet's Birthday is as an effort to increase faith in Allah SWT and make the Prophet Muhammad SAW as an example for Muslims.

    "The essence of the Maulidan program is to strengthen faith, convince about the oneness of God, and try to make the Prophet Muhammad SAW as a role model," Uu said while attending the Koran recitation or the Taklim Assembly commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1442 Hijri in Tanggulun Village, Kadungora District, Garut Regency, Saturday (11/16/19).

    For this reason, Uu appreciated the implementation of the Taklim Assembly in Tanggulun Village because it was considered a form of community support for the vision of the West Java Champion Born and Inner.

    "Because this activity supports the program of the Regional Government of West Java Province, which is a champion in the inner field, specifically an increase in the fields of aqidah, sharia, amaliah, and haraqah," Uu said.

    Furthermore, Uu also explained the four inner areas which were intended as the vision of West Java Champion. First, the champion in the field of aqidah or faith. Second, the champion in the field of sharia whose contents are Ubudiat or worship, Munakahat or marriage, Muamalat or commerce, and Jinayat or government.

    Third, the champion in the inner field is the champion of his Amaliah, the champion of Ahlu Sunnah Waljamaah, which is a group or society that follows all teachings or what the Prophet Muhammad and his companions did.

    Fourth, said Uu, is the champion in the field of Harakah. Harakah here has the meaning of moving or fighting for Islam.

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