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    Tips on Becoming a Public Speaker from Atalia Ridwan Kamil


    BANDUNG CITY - West Java Province PKK Mover Team Leader Atalia Ridwan Kamil shared tips on public speaking while speaking at a Public Speaking Training for Muslim Women at the Nampati Indah Hotel, Bandung City, Friday (11/15/19).

    "The most important thing in communication is how the message reaches the audience and gives effect. We must recognize who the audience is, because we cannot say the same two things in different positions," Atalia said.

    On the same occasion, Atalia also told an interesting experience when studying public speaking. "I learned public speaking 30 years ago, starting with being the host. I used to be a graduation host. I also took the course, "he said. Nampati Indah, Bandung City, Friday (11/15/19).

    According to Atalia, he is a quiet figure and does not speak in public. However, after studying the science of public speaking, his confidence to speak in public increased. He also advised the audience to continue reading books. In addition to increasing self-confidence, knowledge will become more extensive.

    "Aristotle said, we are what we usually do. Excellence is not a one-time action but a habit, Aristotle said, not me. If I had a stage fever, now if there is no stage, I have a fever, "he said.

    Atalia hopes that, after this public speaking training, the ability of public speaking participants of the Public Speaking Training for Muslim women will increase and be applied in their respective environments.

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