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    Jabar International Marathon 2019: Run while Loving the Environment and Natural Beauty of Pangandaran


    BANDUNG CITY - Like running? Don't miss the Jabar International Marathon (JIM) 2019 in Pangandaran Regency which takes place on 1 December.

    On this second agenda, there are four categories that can be followed namely Full Marathon 42K, Half Marathon 21K, 10K, and 5K. In addition, there is a difference from last year in the Kid Sprint category (1 km).

    In the international event held by the Department of Youth and Sports (Dispora) of West Java Province (West Java), the runners were not only draining sweat, but could actively participate in protecting the environment.

    The reason is, JIM 2019 carries the theme of eco-sport tourism which aims to preserve the environment while increasing tourist visits in West Java.

    West Java Youth and Sports Department in collaboration with the West Java Environment Agency will invite the participants and the local community to clean the beach on Saturday (11/30/19) - one day before JIM was held.

    "Our environmental campaign is in collaboration with the Environment Agency and Pertamina Kamojang, especially related to the beach. So far, the problem faced is the amount of plastic waste," said Head of West Java Youth and Sports Department Engkus Sutisna.

    "Then during the event, we also did not use plastic cups but made of paper. Even trash does not use trash bags (plastic), but traditional Pangandaran woven baskets," he added.

    In addition to the eco friendly concept, there are four other concepts, namely reborn, happiness, carnival, and local engagement. Engkus said, the concept of reborn emerged because his party appointed IdeaRun as a race management so that JIM 2019 was more professional.

    "The concept of happiness, we want all those involved to be happy from the beginning to the end. We will run happily, run while enjoying the natural and culinary beauty of Pangandaran. Because Pangandaran is unique, there are beaches, mountains, forests, and it will be felt by 41K participants and 21K, "said Engkus.

    "Then the concept of carnival, we involve the participation of the local community, especially those who become a running route. They will provide support (to runners) using yells, kentongan. There are also eight elementary schools that are skipped, we invite them to participate by participating in Kid Sprint, with 100 children from eight elementary schools. "he said.

    Regarding the concept of local engagement, Engkus said that JIM 2019 involved local volunteers during the marathon. It was intended that there would be a transfer of knowledge from the organizer to local residents.

    "Later at the water station, the local community will be assigned to work there. So they will be given lessons, like this at the event, and later they will get volunteer certificates," Engkus said.

    Head of West Java Youth and Sports Department Performance Improvement Division and Chair of the 2019 JIM Executive Desiyana Savitri said, until Thursday (11/14) there were 2,297 registered participants.

    Of the national participants, West Java accounted for the most runners, followed by participants from Jabodetabek and Central Java. In addition, participants from Kenya, the United States, Australia, Gambia, and Ethiopia also registered.

    "Until today (11/14), there have been 2,021 runners who have confirmed (paid). The registration will be closed Friday (11/15). There will also be 200 offline slots for residents with Pangandaran KTP as host privileges. Local marathon participants it will get a discount of up to 50 percent, "Desi said.

    For local residents, registration is open on Friday (11/29). And later until JIM 2019 held Sunday (1/12), Desi is sure that the target of 2,500 participants will be fulfilled in organizing this world-class marathon in Pangandaran.

    The participants will later pass the West Coast to Sunset Beach Pangandaran Beach. Desi also emphasized that his side had coordinated with the Regional Government of Pangandaran Regency regarding the security of the track.

    "Because the running route cannot be originated, it must be clear and clean. Asphalt cannot be perforated and so on," he said.

    Through JIM 2019 which has a total prize of Rp 600,350,000, Desi also said that the West Java Dispora seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle.

    "This means that sports in addition to making our bodies healthy, as well as forming the character of discipline and a sense of responsibility. Then this year there is a Kid Sprint because we hope that from 10-12 years old elementary school children will be born in West Java runner seeds," said Desi.

    A similar message was delivered by Pocari Sweat Pacer as well as Full Marathon participant from Bandung Debby Meylia. According to him, running is a simple sport. "Because running is cheap and fun, getting lots of friends also from a variety of positive community activities," Debby said.

    Ahead of JIM 2019, Debby also advised fellow runners to maintain exercise and fitness. During the event, Debby also reminded participants to maintain hydration.

    "Since the weather is hot on the beach, you have to keep it maintained (to) hydration point. "Pocari Sweat has also prepared a hydration point that is very sufficient," Debby said.

    "For a full marathon, a minimum of four months of training, ideally six months because with a distance of 42 km, mental steel if not supported physically is also useless. Nutrition and sleep must also be maintained, so training must be proper, not allowed to participate for the full marathon," he added.

    In addition to collaborating with Pocari Sweat and the Environmental Service and Pertamina Kamojang, the West Java West Java Youth and Sports Department also cooperates with the West Java Tourism and Culture Office, the Bank of BJB, OYO Group Hotels, and ASWATA to succeed JIM 2019.

    How about runners, ready to run while loving the environment and natural beauty in Pangandaran?

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