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    Investment Task Force Asked People to Beware of the Investment of Bulging in Kurma Village


    BANDUNG - Task Force (Task Force) Handling Alleged Unlawful Acts in the Field of Community Fund Collection and Investment Management or Investment Alert Task Force urges the public to be careful with offers of illegal investment under the guise of plantations or planting trees and the like.

    "The Investment Alert Task Force has stopped the illegal plantation investment activities of Kurma Village which were announced on April 28, 2019, for allegedly carrying out business activities without the permission of the authorities and potentially detrimental to the community. For this reason, we encourage victims to immediately make a report to the Indonesian Police, "said Chairman of the Alert Investment Task Force Tongam L. Tobing in his press release, Friday (11/15).

    Tongam explained, before being announced on April 28, the management of the Kurma Village had been invited to the Investment Alert Task Force meeting, but the Kurma Village was not present. During the meeting, a confirmation was obtained from the Investment Coordinating Board and the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, that the Kurma Village did not have a business license to carry out plantation investment activities.

    "The pretext of the Kurma Village that they are trading cannot be justified, because the trading scheme can only be done by cash and carry, not investment. The Task Force has proposed blocking the site to the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition, the Task Force also reported Kurma Village to Criminal Investigation Police, "said Tongam.

    The business plan of the Kurma Village is to offer investment in palm tree land units under the 1 unit scheme of 400m2 - 500m2 planted with 5 date palms and will generate IDR175 million per year. Furthermore, date palms begin to bear fruit at the age of 4 - 10 years and will continue to bear fruit until the age of 90-100 years.

    According to Tongam, such a mode is irrational because it promises high yields in a short period of time, there is no transparency regarding the use of funds invested, and there is no guarantee that the date palm planted will actually grow / not die / not be cut down by others.

    Furthermore, the Investment Alert Task Force appealed to the public to be careful with illegal investment deals with the mode of planting trees, plantations, and the like because they still often occur.

    Before investing, the public is asked to understand a number of things, including ensuring that the party offering the investment has a permit from the competent authority in accordance with the business activities carried out.

    Ensuring that the party offering investment products, has permission to offer investment products or is listed as a marketer partner.
    Ensure that if there is an inclusion of the logo of an agency or government agency in the media the offer has been carried out in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

    If you find a suspicious investment offer, the public can consult or report to OJK Contact 157 (WA 081157157157), email consumer@ojk.go.id or waspadainvestment@ojk.go.id. jo

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