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    Governor's Official House Equipped with Swimming Pool


    BANDUNG - Pakuan State Building which is currently commonly used as the Governor's Office of West Java, will be equipped with a swimming pool with an area reaching 29 meters in length, 4 meters in width and reaching 1 point in 25 meters.

    According to the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, the construction of a swimming pool in the area of ??the Pakuan State Building which has an age of more than 200 years was carried out to meet the needs of the occupants of the Pakuan Building in maintaining fitness.

    "Pakuan covers an area of ??almost 2.3 hectares, so the previous governor has made a mosque that can be used for Friday prayers with residents, the next governor sports facilities in the form of buildings, there are tennis fields, basketball fields, fitness facilities and so on. Well, it's been 20 years since there has been no renovation. there is only maintenance, so the addition of sports facilities as needed, "he said.

    The governor admitted, he should not exercise hard so as to keep his body fit he was advised by doctors to exercise lightly like swimming as a way of healing.

    "The need is very real, I injured my left leg, the doctor suggested that fit as the governor of West Java should not be any more sporting that is impactful, like running jumping should be treated with swimming," he said.

    Therefore according to the Governor, in his master plan routine the improvement of his pack directs and approves the making of a swimming pool whose size is not too large.

    "I directed and agreed to make a pool and it was not too big, so the goal was not to waste the state's money as needed," said the Governor, after the Plenary Meeting, at the Plenary Building of the West Java DPRD, Friday (11/15). (Parno)

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