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    National Consumer Day 2016: A Momentum To Increase The Consumer Dignity


    The Day of National Consumer performed based on Presidential Decree No. 13 Year 2012 on National Consumer Day. 20 April set as National Consumer Day is based on the date of issuance of Law No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection.

    Basically the National Consumer Day aims:

    a. As a massive effort to strengthen awareness of the importance of the rights and obligations of consumers as well as the driver of the increased competitiveness of the products produced by domestic businesses.

    b. Putting consumers in subjects determinant of economic activity so that businesses can be encouraged to produce and trade goods/services quality and competitiveness in the globalisation era.

    c. Putting consumers to become agents of change as a determinant of economic activities subject Indonesia.

    d. Encourage the government in carrying out the task of developing consumer protection efforts in Indonesia.

    Harkonas 2016 commemoration has a theme of "Smart Consumer Movement, Independent and Love Domestic Products" with the sub-theme of "Smart Consumer with High Nationalism Using Domestic Products". Smart consumers are capable of enforcing consumer rights, to perform its obligations and able to protect themselves from harmful goods or services.

    Smart consumers would only buy products that are in accordance with and prioritise the use of domestic products. The use of domestic products in accordance with the provisions will improve the competitiveness and the nation's economy, which in turn will improve the welfare of the community.

    Love domestic product is the movement of using local products as a form of pride and love for the nation of Indonesia. By using the product in the country to foster a sense of pride and love to the people of Indonesia, increasing the national economy and improve the welfare of society.

    Law No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection has been in force since 2000 but realised that there are still a few consumers who understand that they have rights guaranteed by the Act. The lack of consumer understanding their rights and obligations as well as the ability to protect themselves when interacting with the market, causing the number of cases in the community that cause harm to the consumer at the time of the transaction, either conventionally or electronically, in the area of financing, the use of hazardous substances in food, service after selling and so forth.

    Results of mapping Consumer Empowerment Index (IKK) Indonesia conducted by the Ministry of Commerce in 2015 shows that the value of the IKK Indonesia in 2015 only amounted to 34.17, from a maximum value of 100. This value is still much lower when compared with the values calculated by IKK in 29 Europe countries has reached 51.31. With IKK value of 34.17 indicates that consumer empowerment Indonesia in general is still at the level of understanding, meaning that Indonesian consumers already recognise and understand their rights and obligations as a consumer, but has not been fully able to use it to determine their consumption choices and have not been actively involved in fighting for their rights as consumer. Of the survey also shows that the behaviour of consumers complain Indonesia is still very low with an index value of 11.14.

    In addition 30% of people who are already aware of the Act No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection, and even 52% of them only ever heard. As many as 42% of consumers who experienced problems in the purchase and / or use of goods / services, preferring not to make a complaint, with the main reason the risk of loss is not great (37%); do not know the location of the complaints (24%); assume the process is cumbersome and old (20%).

    Consumer protection is an absolute prerequisite in creating a healthy economy through a balance between the protection of the interests of consumers and businesses. Only through the existence and empowerment of adequate consumer protection, Indonesia was able to build human qualities which dignified, intelligent, healthy, innovative and productive to bring Indonesia have national resilience, and far better competitiveness in various fields on the world stage.

    National Consumer Day is expected to be a momentum for all stakeholders to improve equality between consumers and businesses and be able to encourage all parties to take an active role in realising the Indonesian consumers are intelligent, independent and love domestic products, as well as with high nationalism to use domestic products.

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