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    It is predicted 50 thousand people register Civil Servant Candidates in West Java


    BANDUNG - Registration of CPNS for West Java level starts November 13 until November 26 for the administrative selection process. There are three formations that can be followed namely the formation of technical personnel, educators and nurses or health.

    Tulus Arifin, Head of Procurement & Mutation BKD of West Java Province said for CPNS in West Java OPD the total amount provided reached 1934 formations. The details are as many as 1002 technical personnel, as many as 839 educators and 93 health people.

    "That is for the West Java level, for all regencies and cities in West Java reaching 11,041 people," he explained in the Japri event at Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (11/15).

    He added that this year there was a surge in the formation of CPNS compared to last year 2018, and even doubled. Last year the registrants reached more than 29 thousand people so this year it is likely to rise to 50 thousand people.

    "Because many positions are contested there will be a surge in registrants, West Java is always the goal. So immediately register, do not wait until almost the deadline," he said.

    He added that disability and cumlaude formation are also available but not too much. For disabilities, a quota of 2 percent of the total vacancies is provided.

    "For more details, see the formation through the official website, do not believe if there are promises to pass the civil servants, all are online and transparent free of charge," he said. The next stage of selection will be announced in February 2020. Jo

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