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    Collaboration is Key for West Java Provincial Government in Regulating Regional Assets


    BANDUNG CITY- The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province is controlling the assets and property of the region. This was done as an effort by the West Java Provincial Government to prevent corruption.

    As stated by Acting. Regional Secretary Prov. Jabar Daud Achmad after attending the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination Meeting of the Implementation of the Regional Property Control Program (BMD) in 2019 at Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Wednesday (11/13/19).

    "This meeting was held because it was known together, the main focus of corruption prevention by Korsupgah (coordination and supervision of corruption prevention) of the Republic of Indonesia KPK in 2019 was about Regional Property and also the optimization of regional income," Daud said.

    According to Daud, the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has issued a letter regarding the acceleration of management of regional property management to the Governor / Regent / Mayor of Indonesia on 26 August 2019. There are six points that are the focus of the letter.

    First is the completion of the BMD transfer process due to the transfer of authority in accordance with Law Number 23 of 2014. Then, the resolution of BMD problems between the Regional Governments due to regional expansion. Third, solving BMD problems with vertical agencies.

    "Fourth, the resolution of BMD problems which are controlled by other parties or unauthorized parties. Fifth, accelerating the completion of BMD certification in the form of land. Then the sixth, implementation of security of BMD both physical, legal, and administrative, "he said.

    In order to realize these points, said Daud, the West Java Provincial Government collaborated with all parties, such as the National Defense Agency, Regional Government, and the Central Government. The goal is that all parties are committed to solving the problem of assets.

    "Also as a user of goods (OPD) also must pay attention to the assets of the area owned," said Daud ended.

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