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    Sarling in Sukabumi: Atalia Ridwan Kamil Around the Market, Posyandu, and Tourist Attractions


    SUKABUMI REGENCY- In the 11th Edition (Sarling) Edition, the Chairperson of West Java (West Java) PKK TP Atalia Ridwan Kamil visited various locations in Sukabumi Regency to meet face to face and talk directly with the community.

    This time, the first location visited by Atalia was Sukaraja Market. While reviewing market conditions, the figure known as Ibu Cinta discusses the traders of existing superior product stalls.

    From the market, Atalia moved to the house of a child with stunting in Kampung Cimuncang Pasir, Kebonpedes Village. Next, Atalia also took time to visit Posyandu Mawar VII and PAUD Al-Mukhtariyah.

    Atalia said, Sarling which involved various stakeholders including regional apparatus in 27 regencies / cities throughout West Java was an effort of the West Java Provincial Government to develop community health care, development of information and communication technology, and equitable development.

    "Activities like this (Sarling) are important to be carried out as a form of coaching from the West Java Province, as well as the PKK which is also a partner in it, to carry out various programs for the community," said Atalia while conducting the # 11 Broadcasting in Sukabumi District, Wednesday (13 / 11/19).

    "The first thing we went to (was) the market, also because I as the Market Ambassador of West Java was eager and given the task to support and encourage the prosperous community.

    "Regarding the stunting prevention program, we did it directly to the target. So we came to several points, came to families who had children who were less than expected from weight, from height, (it was indicated as candidates for those affected by stunting , "said Atalia.

    While at SMAN 1 Sukaraja, Atalia motivated students and called for an anti hoax declaration. The Sarling # 11 program at the school was closed by singing the song 'Bendera' with the students who looked happy and very enthusiastic.

    "In high school, we collaborated with Disdik, Diskominfo, BKKBN, including West Java's Disbursement related to how they want to aspire, and also how they are not disturbed by hoaxes that are now circulating. Earlier we had an anti-declaration "The hoax was attended by nearly 2,000 students who attended," Atalia said.

    "With regard to the BKKBN, every teenager they must realize is related to stopping drugs, stopping free sex, including not having early marriage. This is very important, they continue to be given insights so that they are able to look after themselves, including an introduction to disaster-related issues."

    "Because according to records, 1,200-1,500 cases of disaster occur in West Java every year," added Atalia.

    Furthermore, Atalia visited the last two places, namely the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of Sukabumi Regency and the natural attraction of the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge suspension bridge.

    According to Ibu Cinta, Sukabumi Regency has a lot of potential that can be developed. The reason is, Sukabumi Regency has a fairly large area of ??4,162 square km or approximately 11.21 percent of the area of ??West Java.

    "Sukabumi Regency has tremendous potential. They have it all, if we say gurilaps (mountains, air, jungles, sea, beaches, and rivers)," said Atalia.

    "So if we maximize it, Insyaallah (Sukabumi) will have a positive impact on society, namely welfare," Atalia said ending.

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