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    West Java Governor: Regional Development Must Synchronize with Indonesia's Forward Vision


    BOGOR REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil attended the Indonesian National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) Advanced Central Government and Regional Government Communication Forum (Forkopimda) at Sentul International Convention Center, Kab. Bogor, Wednesday (11/13/19).

    The National Coordination Meeting is an effort to harmonize the five visions of Indonesia Forward the government of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Ma'ruf Amin. In his direction, Jokowi emphasized several things, such as job creation and bureaucratic flexibility.

    Responding to the direction of President Jokowi, Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - hoped that all regional heads could harmonize development programs with the vision of Forward Indonesia. Especially the development of human resources (HR) and job creation.

    "All regional heads must synchronize with the vision and mission of Forward Indonesia. One of them is human resource development and must prioritize anything that is job creation, "Emil said.

    Therefore, Emil hopes that President Jokowi's direction in the National Coordination Meeting can be followed up through concrete commitments and programs, both by the provincial and district / city governments in West Java.

    "I hope that the president's direction will be followed up in a real action and commitment in the region both governors, regents, mayors and other officials, so I believe that all diligently communicating like this we advance, compact, and accelerative," he said.

    "And I will have a special meeting, (in order for President Jokowi's direction) to be made in the West Java version to translate," he added.

    President Jokowi's direction

    In his direction, President Jokowi said that there were challenges, both national and international, that Indonesia would face. For example, slowing world economic growth. This condition will affect all countries.

     "We should be grateful that our country's economic growth is still above five percent. We should be grateful, "he said.

    "However, it is likely that next year the world's challenges will be increasingly difficult and there could be a recession. We all need to be careful because the world is heading for a recession, "he added.

    Therefore, to maintain domestic conducivity in various fields, Jokowi asked local governments to maintain harmonious relations with all Forkopimda elements in their respective regions.

    "It is very important that the harmonious relations between Forkopimda. There is a problem discussed. Such a harmonious relationship will greatly affect the tension in the region, "he said.

    Two Big Agenda

    In the National Coordination Meeting which was attended by more than 2,900 regional heads and Forkopimda elements from all over Indonesia, Jokowi delivered two major agendas related to national development. First, job creation. Second, investment development.

    Jokowi explained, investment must lead to job creation. The investment climate must be immediately improved through services, such as easy and fast licensing, legal certainty, guarantee of a safe and comfortable investment.

    "First, relating to employment creation. All must now lead there, job creation. So, if there is an investment that leads to it all must support, "he said.

    "It means that the investment climate must really be improved. If there are investors, serve them well and quickly. There must be no investors who come not to realize the investment, because the licensing is not implemented well, "he added.

    The second agenda, Jokowi requested that investment realization could include MSMEs and regional or local entrepreneurs. He will directly reprimand related parties if the investment does not include small and local entrepreneurs.

    "Secondly, I entrust every investment that includes small businesses, micro businesses, regional entrepreneurs, local entrepreneurs to be included," he said.

    The Coordination Meeting of Indonesia Goes Forward The Central Government and Forkopimda were held in order to harmonize the development program through the five visions of Forward Indonesia which had been delivered by President Jokowi during the inauguration on 20 October 2019.

    Meanwhile, the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Indonesia Tito Karnavian said, the five visions, namely the development of human resources, continuing infrastructure development, investment development for job creation, bureaucratic reform, and economic transformation.

    "We hope that there will be a synergy between the center and the regions, a common vision to develop an advanced Indonesia," he concluded.

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