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    Atalia was impressed with the creativity of Sukaraja 1 High School Students


    SUKABUMI - Students of SMAN1 Sukaraja, Sukabumi Regency, exhibited their creations in a Mobile or Sarling Broadcast, Wednesday (11/13). After Sarling, their work received appreciation from the wife of the governor of West Java Atalia Kamil.

    "Very creative, some use plastic bottles, recycled goods for bags and potted ornamental plants," he said.

    In addition to the use of used goods as a form of eco green application in the school environment, students and students also exhibit homemade culinary results. Including fried meatballs, health drinks, various chips and others.

    Principal of SMAN 1 Sukaraja School, Zhairy Andhriyanto, added that the school was already 30 years old. But only this time the arrival of provincial level officials, namely the literacy mother and chairman of the West Java PKK as well as the governor's wife.

    "Thank you for coming, the extraordinary gift of visiting guests far from the province. Although we are on the edge of the Regency area, but the achievements of students have been recognized nationally and internationally, especially in the field of sports," he said. Jo

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