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    Accelerating the Equitable Development of Village Through Si Rampak Sekar


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum and Head of the West Java Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Taufiq Budi Santoso launched the Online-Based Planning and Budgeting System (Si Rampak Sekar) at the El Royale Hotel, Bandung City, Wednesday (11/13/19 ).

    Si Rampak Sekar is an application that will become a door for village proposals. Later, the proposal is funded by the Provincial APBD. In addition, Si Rampak Sekar can integrate the planning and budgeting systems of the provincial government with district / city and central government.

    According to Uu, Si Rampak Sekar can make development in all lines, especially villages, evenly distributed. Even so with economic growth. Therefore, he appealed to the village head (village head) and village officials to work together in the program.

    "West Java's economic growth yesterday has reached 5.9 percent. We (the Regional Government of West Java Province) want that economic growth to involve and be felt by the villagers," Uu said.

    Uu also said, the application of applications, such as Si Rampak Sekar, can improve the quality of village heads in the digital age. If the village head cannot keep up with technological developments, he said, the wheels of development in the village will be slow.

    "Who is in charge of digital, that will rule the world. Who is not in control, will be left behind. So that the village head and village are not left behind from the present world, then we pay attention like this (through application programs)," he said.

    Si Rampak Sekar's work process began with the results of a development planning meeting (musrengbang) in the villages. The results of the musrengbang will be delivered by the village head or village apparatus via Si Rampak Sekar.

    Every proposal submitted will be verified by the District / City Village Community Empowerment Service (DPMD). Then, West Java DPMD will re-verify. The verified proposal will become the provincial development planning meeting.

    "So the proposal must come from the village musrenbang, and it must be proposed to be funded from the provincial APBD. Only the provincial APBD, not from other funding sources," said West Java Bappeda Chief Taufiq.

    "Double verification is done to assess the fulfillment of the requirements, and so that they do not overlap with other funding sources, for example from the Regency / City APBD, the village APBD itself, and the APBN," he added.

    Taufiq said, his party was socializing Si Rampak Sekar to all villages in West Java. To date, there have been 2,000 villages out of 5,312 villages that have participated in the application socialization. According to him, the socialization will continue to be intensified until January 2020.

    "We plan that in the time after this in January we will do it again God willing, we can socialize all of the 5,312 villages," he said.

    "We will also use other media, such as social media so that the public will be informed how to access information such as tutorials on Youtube," Taufiq continued.

    In addition, said Taufiq, his party provides instructors to help the village head and village apparatus in West Java in accessing the Rampak Sekar. The goal is that equitable development in West Java runs quickly and transparently.

    "We compiled the program and the application itself. This is not copying the others. We tried it yesterday in several places, and now it is socialized through training. This will all be transparent, can be seen, so that accountability is the key of this program, "the lid.

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