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    Health Services Need Technological Innovations 4.0


    BANDUNG - The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 through big data, artificial intelligence, ‘robotics’ and the internet of things provide real challenges that are not easy in the health sector so that technological innovation is needed to support the quality of health services.

    "Digitalization has entered into all lines of community life. Certainly for a better health service sector we need a variety of health innovations with the best technology injections," said Chairman of the Indonesia Healthcare Forum (IndoHCF), Dr. dr. Supriyantoro to reporters at the Bandung Intercontonental hotel on Tuesday (12/11).

    The rapid development of innovations in the health sector will reduce Indonesia's reliance on health products from abroad, ranging from equipment in hospitals to medicines consumed by the public. "Public health services can be obtained easily and cheaply and better quality patient care," he said

    Supriyantoro emphasized that IndoHCF is fully committed to continuing to encourage innovation in health services. IndoHCF Innovation Awards itself, he said, was held as part of the contribution of IndoHCF to help support the development of the world of health in Indonesia, particularly in the implementation of government programs and innovations by the nation's children.

    A number of innovations have emerged that can make it easier for people to get information and access to health services easily and quickly throughout the country. Supriyanto also hopes that HaloDoc's involvement in the IndoHCF Innovation Awards this time can further develop and enlarge the results of the innovations that have been carried out.

    "Hopefully in the coming years there will be more companies or other institutions that help further development in terms of funding so that this innovation is increasingly developing and providing great benefits for the Indonesian health world," he explained

    Meanwhile, CEO of HaloDoc online health application, Jonathan Sudharta said Halodoc's involvement in this event was a form of Halodoc's support for a healthier Indonesia through the use of technology. As a IndoHCF Innovation Award 2019 partner, Jonathan continued, HaloDoc also invited several investors to meet IndoHCF participants, especially in the Health ICT Innovation category, Potential Newbie sub-category.

    According to Jonathan, what IndoHCF is doing is a brilliant idea because it seeks to canalize the innovators in a prestigious event.

    "Personally I am very appreciative. Because I believe that more and more children of the nation are contributing through the use of technology, especially in the health sector, confident of bringing the Indonesian people to become more advanced and healthier because eventually many people have easy access to their health," he said. Jo

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